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Does temperature affect the performance of your brain?

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William McDonald

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Does temperature affect the performance of your brain?

Does temperature affect the performance of your brain?
Trace McDonald 10/9/13

Problem: If you are placed in two climates, one warm, and one cool, which would your brain perform best in?
I will gather a set of brain activities-math sheets
I will cool a room to 60 degrees
I will find test subjects, and record how well they do with the assignments in the room
I will repeat the steps only with a room temperature of 85 degrees
i will tally the answers, and see in which climate they did better in
The control variable is the tests, and the manipulated variable is the temperature.
Experiment #2-85 degrees
For the second part of my experiment, i heated a room to 85 degrees. I gave the same tests to my mom and brother as in the first test. As a result of the experiment, my mom got all of the 44 questions right in a time of 4 minutes, and my brother did the same in 6 minutes.
1. Cold temperatures slow the brain.
2. The brain works better when in a temperature b
3. If the temperatures are not extreme enough, the change in the brain's performance might not be noticeable.
4.The brain is not keen on extreme heat though either, the chances of heat being the better working temperature is the same as the chances of cold being the better temperature.
5. Too much heat could affect how the brain worked and could also increase the risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases.
If I set up tests in warm and cold environments, then the better working temperature will be cold, because your brain is more insulated.
Experiment #1-
60 degrees
I tested my mom and brother, they both aced their multiplication sheets, my mom in three minutes, my brother in one. However, my brother stopped at the ninth question, therefore his time was not complete

My hypothesis was correct, the better working temperature for my experiments was the cold. My mom took 25% longer to complete the tests. But in further research, I have learned that the optimal working temperature is 71 degrees. Maybe in a future experiment i will learn the quantitative difference between the three numbers.
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