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Too late for God?? No way!!

God is always there for you--even when think he's not. This is to help you see that God's always there, next to you waiting to help you get back up. All you have to do is believe that he is.

Emily Vandeven

on 8 August 2010

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Transcript of Too late for God?? No way!!

Double click anywhere & add an idea Too late for God?? No way!!! God. You may think he left you long ago.God doesn't choose who
he reveals himself to. YOU DO.If you want him, he's there for you.
All you have to do is believe and ask him to show you who you really are. Maybe you don't know who God is.
Here's a little help: he's love.
this next picture shows that. This is God. God is more than " just God". Like I said before, in order to have
God you have to ASK for him.
You have to LET HIM IN to your heart
and ALLOW him to CHANGE YOU.
You can't do it on your own. God is prayer. God is love. God is hope. God is you. God is an important person.
Well....he's not really a person.
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