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LD + SC Johnson

No description

Live Different

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of LD + SC Johnson

1 in 5 children and youth between the ages of 4-16 suffer from some type of mental illness (Canadian Psychiatric Association)

At least 1 in 3 adolescent students in Canada have reported being bullied recently (Stats Canada)

There are approximately 4 teen suicides each week in Canada (Stats Canada)

Youth (ages 15-24) continue to have the highest self-reported use of illicit substances compared to other Canadians (CCSA)

Live Different is a Canadian charity that focuses on targeting the major social issues that affect youth by motivating them with a message of hope and purpose. Through our High School Presentations, students are empowered and educated on the value of their own lives, the power of their choices, and their ability to create positive change in the world around them - resulting in a transformation of their attitudes and actions.
Engaging Media
Real Life Stories
Live Music
Our Formula
Meet Brittany
Brittany was only 12 years old when she first saw a Live Different Presentation in 2005. She was being severely bullied at school, having issues at home, and was struggling with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. When she watched the Live Different Presentation she realized for the first time that her life had value. This hope drastically changed the way she thought about her situation and she quietly went to one of the team members and handed them a letter that read, “You saved my life”. Brittany proceed to get involved with Live Different by volunteering on one of their international trips in Baja Mexico where teams build homes for families who lack basic shelter, and she fell in love with being a part of making a difference. Brittany has since been to Mexico 8 times working in the same community, and has completed two full years touring with Live Different across Canada as a motivational speaker, sharing her story with students who desperately need hope like she did.
The average school donates approximately $500 to have a Live Different Presentation come to their school, although own internal costs are around $1500 per presentation. However, we never turn down the opportunity to visit a school due to their lack of financial resources. This aspect is a huge part of what sets Live Different apart as a charitable option for Canadian schools.

This year Live Different is scheduled to do 300 presentations from Newfoundland to Vancouver, with the potential to impact over 100,000 students - but we need your help.

Our message of love, hope, and change is powerful and life changing and needs to be heard by the youth of the nation.

Please consider partnering with Live Different to inspire a generation of young people find hope amidst adversity so that they can see their potential to impact the world around them.

Please visit us at www.livedifferent.com
or contact
Charles Roberts- Executive Director at

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