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Y1 Form and meaning

No description

rob van der ven

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Y1 Form and meaning

Design and meaning
Surrealists use Automatic painting
Abstract expressionists
Chance is very hard but also very desirable
Artists often want to have original thoughts and ideas for images
The Rotterdam graphic artist Pim van Halem uses ink stains to turn into paintings
Pop-art /graffiti art
Keith Haring
Willem de Kooning
for Psychologists giving meaning to chance is a way to reveal your subconscious.
the rorschach test
Steps in the assignment:
- Use indian ink and a straw to make a stain
- use indian ink and brush or dip pen to give meaning to
the stain.
- use watercolour and brush to make it work.

- hand in your five best ones.
we have been busy with this for some time now.
- form/shape
- colour
- texture
- light
- space
these elements together determine and describe the form of the artwork
we have been looking at this as well.
----- the short description --------
What does the artist say, what does he/she show you, what do you recognize.
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