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Lyrics to My daddy says NO!

No description

Tenzin tsarong

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of Lyrics to My daddy says NO!

Lyrics to My daddy says NO!
Madison: Please daddy please daddy please you know that I want one of these. Plus all my friends got cars when they turned 16. Dad please I wanna white jeep!
Sierra: Wait hair straight or curled. Hi very best daddy in the world. Oh by the way do you mind if some friends spend the night. It's only like 25 girls
Gracie: Daddy!
Madison: Wait why are we out here again?
Sierra: Because mom said while she's away we have to spend quality time with dad
Olivia: Ugh!
All: I just wanna have some fun jump in my jeep and enjoy the sun. I just wanna I just wanna get up and go cause my heart says yes but my daddy says no
Gracie: Dad please let me go with my friends. I promise to be back from the mall by 10. It's just like me and my girls(and 4 guys) Madison?!(What?) Daddy they're just friends
Olivia: Ew! Daddy please come quick I saw a bug on the ground this big. Some one get a cup or a broom or a bag or a lighter in case I see it all. All: AH!!!!!!!!!
All: I just wanna live my life call my friends and stay up all night. I just wanna I just wanna have a good time. Cause my heart says yes, yes, yes but my daddy says no
Ugh! yes, yes, yes, but my daddy syas no!
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