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Sex Work in America:Porn in Perspective

No description

Liz Havens

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Sex Work in America:Porn in Perspective

Sex Work in America: The Porn Industry
Who are
the actors?
Who is watching this stuff?
How much is the porn industry worth?
Films: $500 mil - $1.8 bil
Internet: $1 bil
Pay-Per-View TV: $128 mil
Magazines: $1 bil

Total annual revenue: $2.6 - $3.9 bil
What about
health and safety?
after porn?
Presented by:
Eric Noel
Questions? Comments?
Liz Havens
Greg Lannan
Top five categories
Highest trafficked day of the year
Dec 27, 2012
12.82 million visitors

Lowest trafficked days
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas Eve, July 4th
36% of Internet users visit at least one adult Web site each month, as of June, 2008

An average visit to an adult site goes for 11.6 minutes, and of people who access at least one such site a month, they actually visit adult Web sites an average of 7.7 times/month

Utah purchases the most porn of any state

1/3 of porn viewers are women

25% of all online search requests are porn related, that’s 68 million/day

The average child sees porn online for the first time at 11

Famous for starring "Deep Throat" (1972)

Battled with severe depression

Real-Estate License

Park City, UT

Entered 12 step and got married
Harry Reem
Vanessa Belmond a.k.a. Alexa Cruz
Battled with numerous sexual diseases and bulemia

current contributor to antipornography.org
Joseph Sciambra
Former gay porn star

Authored "Swallowed by Satan"

Runs religious workshops, and work for Pink Cross Foundation

Lives in Napa, CA
Tiffany Million
Proclaims herself "The biggest faker you ever met"

pro wrestling

now a wife and mother

works full time as a bounty hunter and private investigator
Men are typically paid less than women
Averaging 40,000K annually
100-200 if he’s new
300-400 on average

Women average 100-250k/year
Managers get between 10-15% of actor’s pay/scene
What do actors get paid?
Breakdown by Scene
800 for girl-girl
1000 for guy-girl
1200 for anal
4000+ for DP and gangbang

Roughly 20-30% of adult film star income is from non-film sources (toys, web, dancing)
Common Injuries
penis fractures
vaginal tears
anal fissures
torn/pulled muscles and ligaments
severe rug burns
lodged objects
2/3 of adult film stars will receive at least one of the injuries mentioned

1/3 will require hospitalization
STD Infection Rates
2000-2001 study

Out of 825 actors screened

7.7% females and 5.5% males had chlamydia

2% of actors overall had gonorrhea

No info available for other STDs

"Wicked Entertainment" is the only porn company that currently requires condom use

California Law
will require condoms and dental dams to be worn by actors at all times
film crews and cleanup workers will be required to wear gloves and face masks

porn stars are having to relocate to avoid the laws
porn sales and permit renewals are on the decline
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