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Mack Baratta

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Peru

Gender Roles
History of Peru
Catholic and Evangelical are the dominant religious groups in the country of Peru.
Holidays and Customs
Interesting Festivals:
Lord of the Earthquakes
The Lord of Miracles
Virgen de la Candelaria
Q’oyllur Riti
Road construction
Small farming tasks
House work
Folk Culture
Soccer -
play in FIFA World Cup (which is watched by millions)
Martial Arts -
home to famous fighter, Kina Malpartida
Tennis -
played by people in the suburbs, and tennis is a worldwide sport
Cockfighting -
legal and attracts large crowds; illegal in other country
Popular Culture
Colors of Flag
Peruvian flute
Peru Huayno Dance
Business casual is frowned upon
Men who are friends hug each other in greeting
Crossing your legs with your ankle on your knee is considered inappropriate
Don't talk about Peru Politics or how much you make
Cultural Taboos
Peruvian Attractions
Machu Picchu
Colca Canyon
Chan Chan
Fleeting Art carpets made of flower petals
Red - represents blood shed
White - peace and bravery
Peruvian Foods
Guinea Pig
Inca Kola
Works Cited Page
Famous Peruvians
St. Rose of Lima
Benjamin Bratt
Alex Olmedo
Mara Julio Mantilla
Sofia Mulanovich
Peruvian Words
el servicio - bathroom
paja - slang for "cool" or "awesome"

Peru declared itself independent from Spanish rule on July 28, 1821.
It was not until 1824 when Spanish power was completely overthrown.
The president serves a five year term
They receive their national identity from language, religion, food and music.
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