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Photojournalism and photo edition

No description

Francis J. M.

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Photojournalism and photo edition

and some old manipulations
Students killed by National Guardsmen
Photoshop for everybody
Edition is not manipulation
Brief History of Photojournalism
Edition just for fun
Kent State University, Ohio, 1970
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
World Press Photo 2013
Filters, tone, color, contrast...
Artistic Edition
By Francisco J. M. and Waleed A. A.
"The art or practice of communicating news by photographs, specially in magazines"
"(Of a movie, a television or radio program, or photography) using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual record or report."
"Concerned with what is actually the case rather than interpretations of or reactions to it."

World Press Photo of the Year 2012's winning image by Paul Hansen, was faked with Photoshop. An intense debate forced the organization to appoint a panel of forensic analysts to study Hansen’s image.
Funny photos on...
Alexander Gardner, 1863
Rebel Sharpshooter in Devil's Den
The author took several photos of the dead soldier "and moved the corpse to this rocky niche and photographed him again"
William Frassanito
"Gettysburg: A Journey in Time". New York, 1975
Original Photo
Edited Photo
Paul Nicklen's photos of penguins took first place in the nature category in 2012's World Press Photo contest.
- Has maintained populace informed.
- It is "an inherently important part of a functioning Democracy."
- It has to reflect the reality "with the utmost journalistic integrity."
Bryan Patrick worked for the Sacramento Bee
Photojournalist fired for manipulation
Any edition should be considered manipulation
Documentary Photography is not just Artistic Photography
Bryan Patrick put the head of the young egret on the left, together with the great egret's head in the second photo.
Artistic Photos
Thomas Barbey
Photojournalists must show reality
Keeping RAW files or negative film archived
Just in case that someone wants to verify the authenticity.
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