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Understanding Mark Halliday's "Young Man on 6th Ave"

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sarah kelly

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Understanding Mark Halliday's "Young Man on 6th Ave"

Understanding Mark Halliday's "Young Man on Sixth Avenue" English 101 New
1933 The Story starts with a young man of twenty-five-years in the Big City of New York in the year 1938.

49th & 5th Our Protagonist crosses to 6th Avenue. Here his gives his view on women.

6th & 49th The young man has a red roast beef sandwich
with his friend John at a restaurant before his interview.

7th & 47th After his lunch, he heads back over to Sixth Avenue
for his interview. He lands the job and it is a stable job for three years.

A job on 6th Ave Baltimore, Maryland
1950s That young man on 6th Avenue is now an old man
and at least 75 years old. His fun in the big apple is past him. The days that women would ... are past him. Gender Criticism "Gender Criticism expands categories and definitions of what is masculine and feminine and tends to regard sexuality as more complex than merely masculine or feminine, heterosexual or homosexual." (Meyer 1584) Sarah Kelly, Rachel Ross, Kelly Farewell, & Danielle Sales Critics challenge cultural concepts "He knew they knew he would 'get' some of them, and he moved visibly tall with the tall potential ..." This presented the idea that women flocked to men during this time. Girls, How does this make you feel? Historical Criticism THESIS In Mark Halliday's "Young Man on Sixth Avenue," an elderly man relives his life, in a flashback, only to realize his pinnacle days are well behind him. With that in mind, our protagonist must live with the reality that he can no longer go back and be the young hot shot he was in New York City in the 1930's. Looking to historical events to understand
the story Gender Criticism Historical Overview of 1938 General Motors begins mass production of the diesel engine Hitler seizes control of German Army & invades Austria House of Un-American Activities Form Japan declares war on China Federal minimum wage 25cents/ hour & 44 hour work week Nylon invented by DuPont Superman first appeared in a DC Comic THEME The story is told through a flashback and showed that one should take advantage of your time and opportunities while you are in your prime because time and opportunities become limited as you age in your life. Gender Critic "The powerful lady seemed to like his sincerity and the clarity of his eyes - a hard combination to beat - and the even more powerful man is charge sized him up and saw the same things, and he got the job. " "Essentially, a literary historian sees a text 'as a document reflecting, producing, or being produced by the social conditions of its time, giving equal focus to the social milieu and the work itself.' (1580)" "Then he rode back and forth on trains, Judy became ill, doctors offered opinions, comas were deceptive, Judy died." "... and those years - those years. And those years. 'Those years'..." Our Protagonist is now 60 years old in his flashback. Historical Events in 1941 FDR's Four Freedoms Speech Speech, Worship, from Want, & Fear Captain America appears in 1st comic book FDR signs Lend-Lease Act General Mills produces Cheerios Stalin becomes the head of Russia Germans airstrikes Great Britain Executive Order 8802 signed by FDR Meeting and declaring of the Atlantic Charter between the US and GB Jews living in Germany were forced to wear the 'yellow star' Time Elapses Our Protagonist went from being a young man working in New York City to a whole new life, in a new city, that included a wife and kids. "That job lasted three years, then came the War, then another job, then Judy, and two kids, and a better job in Baltimore." Enactment of the Action T-4 in Nazi Germany December 7, 1941 United States formally enter the Second World War Along 48th & 51st, between 5th & 6th Avenue Junction of Broadway & 7th Avenue between W 42nd & W 47th Our Protagonist is 28 at the time of the war Time Elapse Historical After the Second World War the "Baby Boom" hits the United States. G.I.'s are returning from war and settling down, specifically in the suburban American These historical facts fit with the actions of the protagonist
even if he did or did not fight in the war. The American Dream ? What is the narrator saying? "But the traffic on Coleytown Road next morning still moved
casually too fast. And in a minute he was seventy five years
and the phone rang with news that witty John of the great
late lunch was dead. The house pulsed with silence." Conflict ? How was it resolved?
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