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beast of bray road

No description

Nathan Kaupert

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of beast of bray road

The Beast of Bray Road
By: Ty
Today I want to tell you about the beast of bray road
Now if you don't mind I will ask a few questions
The beast of bray road or the Beast as I will refer to in this presentation is a wolf like creature that was first found/sighted in Elkhorn Wisconsin
Karen Bowey who lived on bowers road stated that she was playing with her daughter Heather (age 11) in 1989 when she saw a large dog hunched over when it stood up that's when they were astonished the told the county humane officer john frederikson told a reporter that it was a coyote but he did say a lot of people have been seeing out of the ordinary things
The Beast is brown-gray colour two-four feet on all fours seven feet tall standing up 400-700 pounds it is almost like a bear it has not been seen to transform but in the local newspaper it is called a werewolf
First was october 31, 1999 by Doristine Gipston who was driving her car down Bray road near Hospital road when her right tire bounced off the road and concered she went and looked she saw a strange hairy beast bulky like a muscle builder and as she heard the heavy feet thumping on the ground she jumped into her car and tried to drive away but the beast jumped on the car but slid off
1. When was the first sighting?
2. What was the first person to see the beasts name?
3. Where does the beast live?
sightings part 2
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