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Mobile Phones

No description

Bo Weterings

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones Urban lifestyles Mobile Phones It is precisely your reminder that keeps you updated of
all your meetings and important events. Calculator and notes section has made the mobile phone your personal assistant. Mobile phones, because of their varied
multi-function capabilities have replaced many other devices. Mobile phone has popularized the messaging
service and this has made it easy for people to send
across messages and nearly wiping out the
traditional lettering system. Mobile phones also called mobile, cellular phone, cell phone or hand phone, are one of the most important daily electronic device. The evolution of the mobile phones Mobile phones have evolved immensely since 1983, both in design and function. In the past, there were only some mobile brands. Nowadays, we can choose between a lot of mobile brands and mobile services, to our choice. Dangers of using mobile phones Despite of several scientific studies, around the world,
it was said that mobile phones are dangerous for the human health,
due to radiation that is emitted to our brains,
other scientific studies conclude that there is not really
a great danger to our health in using mobile phones. The differences in mobile phones use In the past, it wasn't normal to have a mobile phone. Some families had only a fixed phone to talk, if that was needed. Later, some families began to have a mobile phone, just for emergencies. In the past, those mobile phones were very simple. In a way, they looked all the same, because of their size; they were all too big.
Nowadays, it's completely different. They come in all sizes, colors and brands. There is, nowadays, a real big social difference/dependence. Did you know? Curiosities Martin Cooper was the man who invented the mobile phone. The Guinness Book of World Records has
named the Modu mini phone
''the lightest mobilephone in the world'' The world's most expensive mobile phone is called ''Piece Unique'' and it costs 1.6 million $ (1 million €). Only three are available in the world, according to the Guinness Book. The largest functioning mobile phone,
is the Samsung SCH-r450.
It measures 4,57x3.42x.74m and was
created on 11 March 2009. The End English 2010-2011 Teacher: Ana Baptista Work done by: Bo Weterings, no. 4, 9th D
Rita Bárbara, no. 20, 9th D We can make popcorn with mobile phones because of the radiation When mobile phone use became widespread, the devices had a major impact on society. Some effects have been positive, such as mobile phones can facilitate communication and help family and friends keep in close contact.
They have also played a positive role in the operation of businesses. They have also had some negative effects, such as the practice of driving while talking on mobile phones. Mobile phones in society
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