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How bicycles changed the world

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Maya P

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of How bicycles changed the world

How the bicycle changed the world
By Maya
The Bicycle
The bicycle is a two- wheeled transport system that is widely used today. It has an evolution of its own- from the 1817 'walking machine' to the modern day racing bikes. As it changed, the world around it did too.
Changes galore
The bicycle made a lot of changes to society. Some of them are:
When it was invented, it prompted the building of roads long before cars were thought of, thus also creating road signs, maps, etc.
Bicycles were primarily made for men, but soon women began to be attracted to it, so their fashions changed, becoming more user-friendly to the bicycle
Bicycles reduced the dependence on horses for transport and help commuters get around quicker
In modern day societies, bicycles are proven to help relieve poverty in poor countries
Military and postal services sometimes use bikes instead of walking for efficiency
Influential Bikes
Bikes also led to a number of other things being done and invented, like:

The airplane- The wright brothers built their first plane out of mostly bicycle parts from their bicycle shop, thus bicycles had a key role in the invention of planes
A new sport- bicycle racing is now a popular sport and is included in the Commonwealth and Olympic games, with seven events total so far- three in the Commonwealth, four in the olympics. There is also the famous
Le Tour de France
bike race
Developing the bike
Materials and manufacturing processes developed the bike in many ways.
About fifteen years ago, it was common to see bicycle frames made out of iron or even wood. But, thanks to the discovery and development of new materials, today they are made out of materials such as titanium, aluminum and carbon, making them lighter, stronger and more user-friendly.
The tire has also been significantly developed. The first 'tyre' was an iron band over a wooden wheel. These were changed to solid rubber, then hollow rubber as materials and techniques developed. The pneumatic tyre was developed in 1887 by John Dunlop, which led to the founding of the Dunlop Pneumatic tyre co. Ltd. In 1990, they added canvas to the rubber to reduce punctures, and racers loved the tyre for how fast it made the bike. The detachable tyre was then introduced in 1891 by Edouard Michelin, which meant the person could now replace or fix the inner tube
Today, the bicycle is very popular as it had many plus points- it's fast, it can be used for exercise and it is eco friendly. It is constantly developing and becoming better, and giving people a reason to stay fit and help the environment, all with one machine.
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