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Post Fordism

No description

Aditya Garg

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Post Fordism

The Wonders of Post-Fordism WHAT IS FORDISM? HENRY FORD (1863 - 1947) POST-FORDISM! EXAMPLES OF POSTFORDISM Two sides of Fordism:
Mass Production
Mass Consumption
"Ending is better than mending."
Standardized products
"You can have any color as long as it is black." American Industrialist
Founder of the Ford Motor Company
Made Automobiles more accessible to middle class citizens. • Community in the workplace
• 'Flexible Firm'
Multi-trick pony
Multiple consumer groups
Looser chain of command
Empowerment of Employees
Consumer expectations
Displacement of mass labor with specialized workforce
Management Companies like Google and Facebook. Labor Flexibility Labor Flexibility in Post-Fordism
Restructuring of firms, industry, and economies
Technological change and changing markets
"Functional" Flexibility
Redeploy labor within the firm
Multi-skilled workers
"Numerical" Flexibility
Alter the size of workforce
Nonstandard employment
"Financial" Flexibility
Make wages more flexible
Wage concessions or other wage systems
Problems to flexibility
Low job security or low pay
Possible solution:
Core functionally-flexible group
Peripheral group for numerical and financial flexibility How did he do this? Developed revolutionary methods of mass production
Allowed for inexpensive manufacturing of the Model T
Also allowed for higher wages for workers
Reduced working-class' opposition to capitalism Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is set in the
year AF (After Ford) 632. The society described
inthe book is a paradise of sorts, and the people
init are all biologically manufactured. The society worships Henry Ford because of his revolutionizing idea for the assembly line and its effect on industry. Technology & Implementation Technology
Specific commands
Command-line interface
User friendly interface
More interaction
Intuitive commands
Integrates culture
Emotional ties
Role in leaving Fordism
Replaces assembly-line work
Opens up for creativity
Post-Fordism has not replaced Fordism In Europe: Post-fordism redefined politics
Used to be based heavily on 'class conflict', or rich vs. poor.
Changed to culture sharing, merging classes a bit more.
Established an environment in which small business could thrive Military Post-Fordist and NOT Post Modern

Core and Periphery
US Armed Forces - 1/3 rd the size of Cold War
British Armed Forces Down from 346,000 to 190,000 from 1975 to 2006
US Private Contractors increased from 1 out of 100 to 1 out of 10
AngloAmerican militaries have outsourced second-line maintenance, administration, and servicing functions to the private sector Self Driving Car Command
General goal
•Manual control
Emergency takeover
•Communication with other cars
Junctions & intersections
•Communication with traffic controls
Traffic lights Working Class Women Post-Fordism
Supported possession of specific skills
Increased flexibility
Empowered the empleyees
Introduced part-time work, temporary work, and home work
All these features introduced women to the working market well exemplified by the example of the cloth factory in Nottinghamshire (UK) Crises of Fordism Energy shortages
Price Increases
Irrelevant Products
Environmental Problems
Stagflation of Economy
Global Competition Flexibility & Adaptation
•Get out of traffic jams
•Find new route/avoid traffic
•Avoiding obstacles
•Autonomous 'decision making'
Changing lanes
Changing route
Stop for pedestrians
Customer Satisfaction
•Little/no work required
Even sleep
•No need to walk from parking lot To learn more about Fordism, you could read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Analogy to Post-Fordism
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