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Logic Exercises 2

Deduction x Induction

Math and Magic

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Logic Exercises 2

Logic Problems 2 (Can You Prove It?) To prove is to use the deductive reasoning Deduction x Induction Do you recall the difference? Definition: Inductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning is the process of reasoning to a general conclusion through observations of the past experience. True or False?

If two even numbers are multiplied together,
the product always be an even number. True!

But, how do you

know it ??? If you just know it...

If you think it's true based on observations Then you are using Inductive Reasoning DNA Fingerprints This type of reasoning process, arriving at a general conclusion from specific observations or examples, is called inductive reasoning, or induction. Can two Human Beings share the same DNA? Can two Human Beings have the same INDUCTION Deduction IN MATH WE USE A second type of reasoning process is called deductive reasoning, or deduction.
Mathematicians use deductive reasoning to prove conjectures true or false. ''I can prove that
this class is boring!'' Sorry, but actually you can't... Definition: Deductive Reasoning
Deductive reasoning is the process of reasoning to a specific conclusion from a general statement. The product of 2 even
numbers is always even
proof: Any even number is divisible by 2, so you can write
E1 and E2 (E1 = Even number 1 , E2 = Even number 2)
as E1 = 2X and E2 = 2Y. Therefore E1.E2 = 2X.2Y
and E1.E2 = 4XY. Since 4XY is divisible by 2:
4XY : 2 = 2XY. We proved the the product
of 2 even numbers is necessarily even. When you multiply any number by 2,
the result is always an even number.

Can you prove this statement?? Any number multiplied by 2 is 2x.
since 2x is divisible by 2, and the definition
of an even number is that it must be divisible
by 2, we prove that any number
multiplied by 2 is even. My father is 40 years older than me.

When I get twice as old as I am now
I will be half as old as he is now.
How old am I? Can you Prove it? It is known that 0,444444... = 4/9
Can you prove it? The last one!! Prove the
Pythagorean Theorem Super
Challenge! http://prezi.com/user/MathAndMagic
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