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Copy of IFC, What it is and why you should care

Originally prepared and presented by Chris Zoog

James Vandezande

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of IFC, What it is and why you should care

IFC What it is, and why you
should care. History Design Authoring Program Validation Model Based Coordination Design Collaboration Performace Based Design Exporters and Editors BuildingSMART's data model Computational Design FM Handover Simulation
Analysis Code Compliance
Clash Detection Model Server 1994 - 2012 Alliance for Interoperalbility International Alliance for Interoperability buildingSMART 94 97 05 non profit
industry led
publishes IFC as neutrel AEC product model .ifc
.ifcZIP SLAB EXAMPLE ADD ROOMS ADAPTIVE COMPONENT EXAMPLE IFC Level Make up IFC Material Layer Make up IFC Project Make up Geometry Make up Final IFC Floor Slabs Room Separation Lines automagically created! Room Extents Correct SPIRAL GRID IFC...What is it??? IFC is a standard for building information models, not for drawings. It enables exchange of information about building structures, elements, spaces and other objects in a BIM. Model View Definitions Special exports are based on a view definition that determines the scope of the IFC exchange.

Model View Definition (MVD) defines a subset of the IFC schema that is needed to satisfy one or many exchange requirements based on an IDM what do you want to see? COORDINTATION VIEW STRUCT. ANALYSIS VIEW FM HANDOVER
VIEW (COBIE) What's included?? depends on MVD
3D and 2D geometry
properties and attributes
relationships, connectivity IFC MODEL SERVER PROGRAM
REQUIREMENTS FFE MASSMOTION SIMERGY graphical user interface to Energy Plus developed by LBNL
currently in beta Space Boundries
Spaces and Zones image from LBNL Pedestrian Simulation tool from OASYS (Arup)
Runs on Autodesk Softimage DESIGNED
PLACEMENT VALIDATION REPORTING Escalator Portal Stair Link TIDA TIDA Technical Information Database Module of dRofus currently in development for US market (dRofus and HOK)
Systems view of the Project
object recognition and auto code assignment
Flexible, Need Not be Modeled
Cut sheets and Other FM Data attached to the IFC model FM SOFTWARE CUT SHEETS WARRANTY INFO MAINT. INFO AS BUILT INFO BCF BIM Collaboration Format Transfer Issue information NOT models
Opposite of Navis Approach
Solibri, Tekla, Naviate COBIE COMMISSIONING INFO About Me.... memememememememememememememememememememe Model Database based on IFC
Check out portions of model
Subscribe to Changes
Versioning Control
subset IFC file generated on the fly
Data management, not just geometry!
PLM for buildings Autodesk Open Source Exporter Preparing for IFC Export (Revit) Use “2D plan view elements” for grids and room info Preparing for IFC Export (Revit) In non system families, use IfcExportAs to customize export
Consult wikihelp.autodesk.com/Revit Preparing for IFC Export (Revit) Download and install newer IFC exporter
http://sourceforge.net/p/ifcexporter/ Preparing for IFC Export (Revit) From Application menu, select IFC Export Settings
You can assign Revit object categories to IFC schema Best Option for IFC export at the moment
frequently Updated SimpleBIM IFC Editor Others..... DDS Cad IFC Viewer
Solibri Model Viewer
Solibri IFC Optimizer
BIMsight Revit BE OPEN!! THANK YOU!! ????? Information Delivery Manual how is it supposed to work? methodology to capture and specify processes and information flow for a specific use case Beyond Simple Clash Tests Human Readable Beams fit within
architectural walls? Do the arch columns completely contain the structural columns? BIM Validation Are walls sensible dimensions?? Curb as wall?!? Space is below sensible square footage. Tiny JC Does this make sense??? FREE!! Deficiency Detection Column Does not touch above or below. Beams supported by...air? ADA compliance Not enough room for turning radius two door in a series Life Safety All routes to exits Max distance to exit PRACTICAL IFC USE!! Complex Design Data: Why recreate it? IFC allows analysis to inform design earlier! IFC opens up powerful coordination tools IFC enables collaboration IFC Editor
geometry trimming
parameter editing
Useful tool Scandinavian coding system automatic code assignment IFC enables flexible FM handover christopher.zoog@hok.com @zoog IFC 4 and Beyond
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