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Creating actionable data from web analytics

The Marketers Forum Masterclass 25th Oct 2012

Mike Barrett

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Creating actionable data from web analytics

Websites have changed Home | Products | Services | About us | Contact us Analytics has been left behind van·i·ty [van-i-tee]
1. - excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit: Traditional (vanity) reporting Why? 80% of ecommerce sites not using analytics
50% don't track key conversion points
67% don't track social media activity Continuous process Attribution This evening How do we create actionable data from the website? Traditional metrics Who visited?
What did they do?
Where did they come from? A continuous business process For the biggest benefit, go this way first What should we measure? Who do you want to visit?
What you want them to do?
Where do they hang out? Who you want them to be? How can we help them? What? How? KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid! Over 1000 reports in GA 1 - Visitors and pageviews Pages are easy to manipulate Both at the mercy of Google 2 - Pages/visit Less is more? It's about the action taken Guardian -served an ad
Farrer - got a potential lead 3 - Visitor duration Engagement Visitors Interpretation Interpretation Combinations and segments High Time on site High TOS
High pages
Low TOP High time on page Low pages
High time on page 4 - Segments Sections of the site?
What device were they using?
New vs returning?
Country? Site sections News vs case studies
Reviews vs product pages
About us
Contact us What device were they using? Desktop
Smartphone 5 - Where did they come from? What can we learn? Direct - they know you
Referrals - who is recommending you?
Search - what were they searching for?
Email - under your control
Social media -which channels? Mobile traffic is doubling YOY (So) What did they do? What did they do? 50% retailers don't track key conversions
76% don't track social media usage
33% don't track on-site search
73% don't track micro-conversions 6 - Content statistics Content drilldown is a great segmentation tool 7 - On-site search 8 - Goals and funnels Retailers love funnels - so should you! Micro-conversions 9 - Events Buttons
Video player Anywhere a button is pressed Additional detail Download + filename
Email + address
Video + action (Start, pause...) Requires a geek! 10 - Find key combinations Segment + Action = Insight So what? Analytics has a crucial role Actionable data e=mc2 It's a process not a formula Top 12 tips to actionable data 1 - Stop vanity reporting
2 - Come down from 30,000'
3 - Living in denial Stop! Top 12 tips to actionable data 4 - Profile your audience
5 - What is the website for?
6 - Create strong, trackable calls to action Be strategic Top 12 tips to actionable data 7 - Segment, segment, segment
8 - Track what users search for
9 - Track goals and events Be tactical Top 12 tips to actionable data 10 - Keep asking why?
11 - Keep experimenting
12 - Keep learning Act! For more information Thank you! Ask a question now
Ask a question later:-
Sign up for the next course! Blog | Case studies | Knowledge | Expertise These are sites that generate direct revenue! E-consultancy 2012 How do I work out what it is that converts a potential customer into a valued client? Measure Learn Refine These are just a snapshot Job title
Needs How can we help them? Curated content Thought leaders Case studies Partner bio Latest news Private forum LinkedIn Search Web Web Email Web Strategy based on What content to create
Which channel to use
What to measure 10 key measurements Focus on actions More pages not necessarily better Same rules apply Low engagement High engagement Least implemented, most valuable What are your users searching for? Form Thank you Goal! What are yours? Pageturner Carousel 20% drop How to create actionable data from your website
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