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{ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie }

No description

Hamdy Inusah

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of { Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie }

{ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie }
The setting of this book is in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. You can tell because Scott's father works in Allentown, and they visit a flea market in Stroudsburg. But if you want to get more specific, the two main settings in this book are J.P. (John Peter) Zenger High School, and the Hudson household. There are other brief locations such as, sports matches, a hospital, and the book even opens on a basketball court. The time period, though not directly stated in the book, seems relatively modern. There are some events I can see happening at our school, and the words and terms they use are all familiar to me. One main event in this book was the announcement that Scott's mom was pregnant. In away, it helped Scott become more mature and made his own decisions and stood up for his friends in order to be a good role model for Smelly.
By: David
L u b a r
This book was published in 2005 and can be classified as Young Adult, Philosophical, and/or Teen Romance Fiction.
Hamdy Inusah

Ms. Hill

9th Grade Language Arts P2

13 August 2015
SUBNOTE: This particular font in Prezi will not allow me to italicize or underline the text.
{Main Protagonist}
The main protagonist in this book is Scott Hudson. Scott is a freshman at J.P. Zenger. Scott is smart, seeing as he is in an Honors class, even though his friends aren't {page 12}. Scott is caring. He went to see Mouth in the hospital frequently {page 202}. Scott is versatile, he joined all these clubs, (even if it was just to get close to Julia) {page 271}. Scott, near the beginning is very self conscious. He sees Lee, but makes it priority to avoid her, to avoid ruining his social image {page 69}. Later in the book, Scott doesn't have this trait, and becomes more self-confident, and by taking Lee to the dance {page 269}
{Main Antagonist}
In this story, the main antagonist was Vernon. He is a senior in J.P. Zenger High School, as well as the quarterback for the football team. The feud between Vernon and Scott was first acknowledged when an article Scott wrote in the school newspaper insulting Vernon and the team were accidentally published. Vernon is a bully, shown when he beats up Scott {page 245}. But Vernon is a coward, afraid to go one-on-one with somebody. This is shown when Scott was dancing with Julia, Vernon came up to him, but his words he threatened Scott with were empty. He lets fear rule his life in on the football field, and off of it {page 272}.
{Conflict: Man v Man}
There were many examples of man versus man, including when Vernon beat up Scott. Vernon heard the the news after Kyle and Scott's fight. Vernon then used Kelly to lure Scott into the multipurpose room, saying "Someone wanted to see [Scott] about the dance." Scott stepped into the multipurpose room were Kyle and Vernon were hiding. Vernon proceeded to beat up Scott, and Kelly complained but did not do anything to help Scott. He was abandoned and gathered up the strength to leave. Later, Bobby comments "Boy's not only a lover. He's a fighter." {page 244-245}
{Conflict: Man v Society}
The main conflict that fell under Man vs Society was bullying. Scott was bullied, but one person that had a worse time than him was Mouth. Mouth constantly talked, making him unliked by freshmen and upperclassmen alike. On the first day of school while waiting for the bus, Mouth was almost instantly targeted by the upperclassmen, and they "kicked him in the rear and dump the contents of his book bag onto the sidewalk and threw his hat down the storm drain." Kyle also bullied Mouth by not letting him sit with him even though no one was sitting there. “Seat's taken,” Kyle said, cutting into Mouth's monologue. Mouth moved to another seat... "That one's taken, too." {Page 99}.
{Conflict: Man v Self}
The biggest example of man v self was seen in Mouth. He was tormented and bullied, by the upper classmen and by his peers and as a result, he tried committing suicide because "Why not..." {Page 208} He then continued to say that "Nobody likes him." {Page 209}
{Conflict: Man v Nature}
The main example of man v nature was when Scott's mom got pregnant. Because of the pregnancy, she got food cravings and often baked and made her husband go get food that she didn't eat like wings {page 26}. Both the sons and the father made sure that every need the mom (and the baby) request. The soon-to-be arrival of the baby causes many problems for the Hudson family, such as when the car breaks down on the side of the road, and as Wesley speeds to get to the hospital on time, they are stopped by the cops {page 266}. A minor example is when the kids are forced by Coach Cravutto to have P.E. outside even though Kyle says, "Cold air is good for us." {Page 120}
{Literary Devices} Part I
{Allusion}-There were many allusions in this book. There were references to books Scott has read. There are references to The Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern/William Goldman, especially. {Page 170, "You know, Westley is the name of the good guy in The Princess Bride. That's pretty close to Wesley. It's an awesome book."}. Another book allusion was referencing Too Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee {Page 59. "It was so good I hated to close the book and admit that it was finished. I wanted to spend more time with Scout and Dill and Atticus Finch."} The many allusions in this book showed Scott's love for books and reading.

{Literary Devices} Part II
This quote can be used as personification, alliteration, and a simile: {Page 59, "Time crawled along like a sleepwalking snail dragging a history book"}
{Personification}- {It's giving time a human trait (crawling).}.
{Simile}-{Comparing time to a sleepwalking snail using like}. Another simile in the book was {Page 59, "Julia in a voice as hushed as the rustle of a single-ply tissue."}
Literary Devices Part III
{Irony}-A big example of irony was revealed during Scott's dance with Julia {Page 272, "There's the irony," I said.
It was her turn to be puzzled. "What do you mean?"
"Through my eyes, you're the one with the great life."}. I may not know much about irony, but I think this was an example of situational irony
{Personal Reflection}
Personal Reflection:
I really liked this book, and it gave me new books to add to my TBR {to be read} list. This book really opened my eyes about high school. I was scared that I wouldn’t have any classes with my friends, but as Scott went from “Flux sux” at the end of Chapter 11 {Page 92}, to saying “Flux rox” on page 279. I loved following Scott's journey as a freshman. I also loved how Scott turned down Julia for Lee (Team Lee). And I cried for Mouth when I read, on page 199, a simple "It was Mouth." This book had me laughing, crying, and all around relating to this book. And Scott's lack of sleep seems like something Imay relate to in the future.
Scott, Patrick, Kyle and Mitch are introduced. The setting is in place, and the boys are entering High School.
Mitch gets a girlfriend
Lee enters the High School
Scoott's mom announces
her pregnancy
Mouth attemtps suicide
Scott goes to the dance with Lee
Wesley and Lee meet Seth
Scott is good friends with Lee and wesley, Bobby's tour is going well, and all loose ends are tied up
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