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Instant messenger


Guillermo Abengoechea

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Instant messenger

I.M Instant Messenger (IM) is a great way of chatting with your friends, because of its speed and safety. Now days there are a lot of websites that have it. Disadvantages Recommendation Advantages Nearly everybody in the modern countries uses IM. If you were in a different country you will use it to talk with your family and friends.
If the message was an emergency because it is so quick it will go directly to its destination. Sometimes by chatting to someone for a long time you know them but it is very common to have people ling about their age. Even if they post images of them you can't be sure that is him or her. ·Be careful with the information that you share online and do not share many of it.
· If you don't want to talk to someone any more make sure that you delete him/her. What to do if it happens If something happens to you, you can report it to this link:
(http://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/11-16/) It could happen to you Some times they tell you that they want to meet you and you say that okay but it has to be in a moll, because if anything happens you will be helped by people.
What they usually do is they follow you to you home and then they do what they want to do with you.
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