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rlly muy importante whatever thing

No description

Haley Peterson

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of rlly muy importante whatever thing

why u should date me
im p cool i have been told
look at this prezi skill
i made it by myself
(from scratch btw)
no one else will make u a prezi
this is once in a lifetime jsyk
im srs no one else
idk if ur interested in my face but here it is
heres a closeup 4 u
u cant rlly see anything there so heres another one i guess
and now 4 some cool facts about me bc u all deserve 2 know
i can spin in a spinny chair and only be dizzy 4 like thirty seconds
im a homestuck sorry not sorry i hope u still love me tho
i can d raw idk if you wanna see it but i can
i guess ill show some examples idk
drug dealer voice hey kids wanna buy some art
gonna do that later lol rn its time 4 facts about me
im a big fan of sex
like i rlly like it u should know that
hashtag watch out thicke bc im an animal u lil shit
so p much wow sex if u date me js
i like to watch scary movies but im a wuss so i need a buddy to watch them with
free cuddles woohoo
then therell be sims woohooing going on but irl if u know what i mean
but everyone likes cuddles im p sure
ill sit on u and also do my v tiptop best 2 get u in the mood if u know what i mean
look at this fucking prezi skill i mean srsly everyone else is gonna do a powerpoint
prezi is where its at im the future
i have rlly long pretty hair you can play w it if u want 2
i am rlly easy 2 laugh at sometimes so u can have lots of fun and humor if u date me
like srsly is rlly easy bc im kinda dumb sometimes lmao
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