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No description

alvin buhay

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of LIKE THE MOLAVE

Rafael Zulueta da Costa LIKE THE MOLAVE Not yet, Rizal, not yet. Sleep not in peace
There are a thousand waters to be spanned;
There are a thousand mountains to be crossed;
There are a thousand crosses to be borne.

Our shoulders are not strong; our sinews are
grown flaccid with dependence, smug with ease
under another's wing. Rest in peace. Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The land has need
of young blood-and, what younger that your own
Forever spilled in the great name of freedom,
Forever oblate on the altar of the free? Not you alone, Rizal. O souls
And spirits of the martyred brave, arise!
Arise and scour the land! Shed once again
your willing blood! Infuse the vibrant red
into our thin anemic veins; until
we pick up your Promethean tools and, strong Out of the depthless matrix of your faith
in us, and on the silent cliffs of freedom,
we carve for all time your marmoreal dream!

Until our people, seeing, are become
like the Molave, firm, resilient, staunch,
rising on the hillside, unafraid, Strong in its own fiber, yes like the Molave! Rafael Zulueta
da Costa a Filipino poet
born in Manila in 1915 and took up his studies and finished Business Administration in De La Salle College
has been an executive at San Miguel Brewery He used the name R. Zulueta da Costa as a writer, and Rafael Zulueta as a businessman During the time he was working, he then, began writing poems in Spanish and later, in English. His first collection of poems was "First Leaves", then "Like the Molave and Other Poems" "Like the Molave" published by Carmelo and Bauermann in 1940 won first prize in the 1940 Commonwealth Literary Contest beating Jose Garcia Villa's entry, hence making da Costa a celebrated poet. VOCABULARY Anemic
Marmoreal Matrix

Scour Shed
Vibrant looking pale; tired soft; weak; lacking force not shaking; steady;fixed to be filled with something relating to a marble dream something that which originated from it
flattened or depressd at the poles daringly original or creative capable of withstanding shock without permanent rupture to move quickly especially in search to cause (blood) to flow by wounding
tendon highly satisfied strongly built; substantial bright; oscillating or pulsing rapidly THE POEM
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