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fashion yr4

for women

mahdeeya halidh

on 27 April 2018

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Transcript of fashion yr4

By:Mahdeeya Halidh
fashion in the 1950's

fashion in the1970's
One of the popular clothing in the 1950's,especially for teenage girls was the poodle skirt.
Women at that time had more freedom of wearing what they wanted and when they wanted. They also started wearing men clothing.
fashion from 2000 to present
catwalk catastrophe
From the beginning of 2006, men and women's fashion was influenced by the 1980s punk. .
fashion in the future
Maybe In the future there might be remote control dresses dresses which are made out of
leaf and tin.
Alex perry
Fun fact: Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado both chose to perform on stage and walked the red carpet in Alex Perry gowns. His designs have also been modelled by Jennifer Hawkins former Miss Australia.
Women's Fashion
Fun Fact: women and men sometimes wore platform shoes up to 5.8 cm high.
Skinny jeans, bright neon colors, fishnet stockings, and jackets with metal studs, became 'cool'.

Shirts and jeans featured with ripped fabric held together by safety pins and leather jackets made a comeback
Alex Perry grew up in a migrant household in Sydney. After graduating from East Sydney Technical College in 1984, Perry worked as a model agent representing Australian models for international modelling agencies.
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