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A Rose for Emily

No description

Parth Upadhyay

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily
Plot Diagram
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action
Thematic Question:
William Faulkner
Emily Grierson was introduced as dead in the beginning of the story, which comes as a flashback.
This event took place in Jefferson, Mississippi in the late 1800's and early 1900's after the Civil War.
The setting includes Emily Grierson's house.
Emily's house represents Emily herself
Homer Barron symbolizes the rose in the title "A Rose for Emily"
Emily represents tradition, while the rest of the town of Jefferson shows change
The taxes needing to be paid symbolized the death of Emily's father.
The strand of iron-gray hair symbolizes obsession.
Miss Emily Grierson: Protagonist, changes from a lively girl to a secretive, reserved old woman that falls in love with Homer and poisons him and sleeps with his corpse.
Homer Barron: Good-looking man from the north has many admirers, interest towards Emily and she soon kills him and he decays in an attic bedroom.
Judge Stevens: The mayor of Jefferson, 80 years old.
Mr. Grierson: Emily's dead controlling father.
Wyatt: Emily's crazy/mental great aunt!
Colonel Sartoris: Old mayor of Jefferson.
Tobe: Emily's African American servant.
Miss Emily's father dies and she is depressed.
She is required to pay her taxes after her father's death.
Emily keeps the body, for three days, until it is forcefully taken away from her by the townspeople.
William Faulkner was born on September 25 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi.
He grew up in Oxford, Mississippi.
He dropped out of high school in 11th grade and didn't like school.
His sweetheart, Estelle Oldham, married someone else.
He became a heavy drinker after this
He joined the British Royal Air Force during World War I
He worked in a New York bookstore and for a New Orleans newspaper
He married Estelle Oldham
The couple often fought and drank heavily.
He had two daughters, Alabama and Jill
Alabama, his first child, died within nine days
His younger brother died and his drinking increased
He had a couple affairs, one of which was with a women his daughter's age
He won the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1950.
He died in Byhalia, Mississippi on July 6, 1962 (at 64).
Emily meets Homer Barron, who is a carpet beggar Yankee.
Homer develops a relationship with Emily.
Emily felt happier after she met Homer, as opposed to when her father died.
Homer Barron said he was attracted to men and soon decided to leave Emily.
Emily buys arsenic (poison) from a drug store.
When asked why the arsenic was needed, Emily does not answer, thus creating suspense.
Homer soon disappears.
Emily grows older, fatter and her hair turns gray.
She stops going outside of her house.
She then dies at the age of 74 and there is a funeral for her by the townspeople.
The townspeople entered Emily's house for Emily's funeral.
In reality, the townspeople wanted to just inspect the house they had never seen in a long time.
They found Homer Barron's decaying body, laying there on Emily's bed.
The townspeople figured out what was stinking in Emily's house.
They found out what really happened to Homer Barron when he disappeared years ago.
They see an indentation on the pillow and a strand of gray hair.
Emily vs Town (man vs society):
Emily does not want to let go of the past while the rest of the town is moving on. She refuses to pay taxes and refuses to admit to her father's death.
Emily vs Past (man vs self):
She faces serious mental problems and her past causes her to take the actions that she took. Her father's actions towards her make her refuse to give up her father's dead body and keep Homer Barron's for 40 years.
Emily vs Homer Barron (man vs man):
Why do some people
obsess over the past and refuse to move on?

By:William Faulkner
Emily sees the Yankee, Homer Baron, and falls in love with him. She finds out that he is going to leave her and decides to kill him.
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