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Skillsloft - Prezi Design

No description

John Barlow

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Skillsloft - Prezi Design

Prezi design
and training
Want to take your Presentations to a higher level?
Do you want to impress
your clients?

Your friends and colleagues?
Available for
Freelance Design & Training
John at Skillsloft can help you...
Some clients I've worked with...
Skillsloft can create and advise
on animation and video in Prezi...
John has had a Prezi used
on TED.com
Shereen El-Feki: HIV -- how to fight an epidemic of bad laws
Musical chairs?
Teams Ice Breaker
Click me...
...and flash.
Click me...
Horse race
Place your bets.
Mouse over to restart the race.
Mouse over to start the race.
In our UK Training venue we can teach you how to make professional Prezis . . .
that are smooth
and unique...
John is an experienced Trainer and Presenter and has built prize winning Prezis - his Prezis have been used in the UK, USA and Asia.
Want to communicate in a clear and exciting way?
We cater for new and advanced users too...
Venue - Banbury, Oxfordshire
Email to...
Contact John today for more information
Hope to hear from you soon...
Give your cloud
a silver lining with...
Prezi design
and training
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