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Ancient Rome Brochure

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Aaron Facundo

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Rome Brochure

According to myth, Rome was founded by two brothers named Romulus and Remus. The brothers were left on the side of the river when they were born and later found and raised by a female wold followed by a shepherd. Years later, Romulus and Remus would create a city called "Rome." Romulus later killed his own brother to gain power and become king. Come to Ancient Rome! Cities, Sites, Landmarks and Well-Known Places Ancient Rome treasured its cities. Out of the very many cities, three stand out due to their significance and diversity. Those 3 cities are Pompeii, Naples and Capri. Pompeii was destroyed and buried under 13-20 feet of ash due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The eruption left the city in devastation since it affected so many people. What makes Naples diverse is due to the fact that the earliest Greek settlement was made in Naples. Capri was an important city because philosopher Strabo declared that it was once part of the mainland and one of the first to be inhabited by the Romans. Today, all three cities are major tourist attractions.

Today, important landmarks of Ancient Rome include the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Circus Maximus. The Colosseum was used to hold fights against gladiators in Ancient Rome with over 45,000 people in the audience. The Pantheon, which was made of thick brick walls and marble, was built over 1,800 years ago as a temple housing all the ancient gods of the Romans and ancient art. The Circus Maximus is said to have held grand chariot races holding up to 300,000 people. Though these landmarks seem amazing just reading about it, they are even more spectacular in person! Entertainment and Culture If I could describe Ancient Rome's culture section I would say, "art, literature and science." The Romans adopted many ideas from Greek art such as the statues and the mosaics. The Romans actually adopted many ideas from Greek art such as their statues and mosaics. So if you like Greek art, you should like Roman art! Next in line comes the literature. Romans would create plays to perform and they were involved in writing for they would create detailed descriptions of what they would identify. Now in science, the Romans were involved in medicine and engineering. In medicine, a physician, surgeon and philosopher named Galen would learn about symptoms and treatments. In engineering, The people would create ways to mine for materials where they would then make systems for Rome such as sewers and the street layout. Now, those tree categories aren't the only things that create the culture. Rome liked to celebrate holidays. They liked to celebrate holidays so much that they had to limit the amount of holidays to only 135. Ancient Rome also liked to spectate fights in The Colosseum such as the traditional gladiator fight and an event where armed men would fight wild animals that attacked condemned criminals or Christians. The culture has a wide variety so you may like at least one thing about it.

Going to Ancient Rome, you have a wide variety of choices for entertainment. Some of the very many choices include going to the circus, going to the theater, going to the ampitheater and many other leisurely doings. This is not the traditional circus for these types of circuses were only used for chariot racing where you would race using a chariot so you can get an edge on the competition. The circus itself consisted of many seats for spectators and would turn in an oval. One of the first circuses was Circus Maximus, if you were planning on going to Circus Maximus you should see at least on chariot race! Like it was said before, people from Ancient Rome loved to write plays. Not only did they like to write plays but they loved to watch them! One of the more famous theaters where you could watch plays contains the Greco-Roman Theatre, the Jerash Theatres the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and many more! Ampitheatres are arenas built for performances. You could watch gladiator fights, chariot races, animal slayings and executions. Though these doings can't exactly be found to the public anymore, ampitheatres from Ancient Rome included the famous Colosseum. You can find other ampitheatres in Pietas lulia Pola, Arelate and many more, When you go to Ancient Rome there are many "other leisurely events." If you were rich, you could throw many parties for guests and you may have performers to entertain you. But if you were poor you would frequently eat and drink at the local tavern. Every city has to have a tavern! If you were poor or rich you could always go to the ampitheater and watch "performances." Rich or poor, there is always something you can do! Government and Leaders Ancient Rome was a magnificent place filled with a mixture of war and peace. It is known for its beautiful sights such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Two hundred thousand to over four hundred thousand males lived in Ancient Rome at the time. How Rome Was Founded Location and Geography Contributions Religion More Information/ Conclusion Cartoons of Romulus and Remus Map of Ancient Rome Ancient Rome had many geographic landforms filled with hills and rivers and had a mild climate, farmland and strategic location. The Romans would farm on hills to be defended and they would also make the city close to the Tiber River for protection and trade. So you can do your trading and farming without the worry of an enemy attack!

Ancient Rome is where it is today because of the climate, ideal farmland and easy trade. The Romans created a network of streets and blocks to help the trading and use the climate to help farmers. Back then, if you liked to swim, you could swim the bordering Mediterranean Sea while enjoying the surrounding Greek architecture. Circus Maximus Pantheon The Colosseum Capri Pompeii Naples A theater in Ancient Rome Two of the most memorable and important leaders were Octavian and Julius Caesar. Octavian is claimed to be the best leader of all time to most people. One of the reasons that sticks out most is the reason that he has kept his throne for 42 years! During that 42 year period, he ended the Roman civil wars and created the Pax Romana; when he started Pax Romana, nobody in Rome would "spill a bucket of blood" for another 250 years! Octavian would also care very much for his people. He established many helpful things such as the Welfare State, created public hospitals, public houses, supplied heavy food and even created a highway patrol system; Octavian would also act more as a speaker of the house rather than a monarch. The only other leader that could come close to being up to Octavian's league was the famous Julius Caesar. All I need to say about Caesar is that he was a very powerful military leader, he was " as powerful as a god" and he never lost a single battle. With this type of protection from the leaders, you will be ensured a good time without being bothered!

Strangely enough, the government of Ancient Rome was a mix of both a republic and a democracy. Many of the government stuff is based off of Greek government. When writing the laws, the Greek government did not want just one man to do it, they balanced the power of the government into three branches which are known as, the executive branch, the legislative branch, then the judical branch. One of the most popular government sayings would be SPQR, which states the senate and people of Rome which would mean the government and the people in a common synergy of interest. The government may not seem to be one of the stand outs in Rome, but it is a very important aspect of Ancient Rome. Octavian Julius Caesar As you can tell from previous sections, Ancient Rome was very original for it would take ideas mostly from Ancient Greece. Most of the contributions are overlooked, not have known to come from Ancient Rome or represent Rome. The main contribution that is probably not known to be made by Ancient Rome is the alphabet for many people overlook the alphabet altogether. The category that Ancient Rome has contributed to the most is sports. Ancient Rome has invented the ideas of wrestling, boxing, jumping, racing, riding, swimming, throwing and many other ball games. Ancient Rome has also helped our education for expanding on math, science, government, art, literature, philosophy and architecture. Architecture has created the arch and the dome which are two important yet overlooked structures . Though Ancient Rome may seem unoriginal, it has many contributions that we find very important. Ancient Rome Arch Ancient Rome dome Religion was a very important role in Ancient Rome. Similar to Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome believed in many gods and godesses. Gods and goddesses would be worshipped at temples built all around Ancient Rome and people would give sacrifices to worship Gods to show their respect. The most known God is Jupiter for he is the God of gods similar to Zeus. At home, people would show their respect by having mini shrines to worship mostly lares or guardian deities rather than their gods. Religion has always played an important role in culture and still plays an important role in Ancient Greece. Jupiter Whether you are poor or rich, Ancient Rome is a great place to visit. Rich people may have the priority of being in your own baths and having big parties, but poor people could often go to the pub or be a slave and fight your way up to become a free independent person. Ancient Rome is very famous for its medicine so it is very safe to go there. Ancient Rome has a very safe placement for it is surrounded by many parts of water and has forts every four miles. Whether it it because you are worried about safety or you think you wouldn't have a fun time, it is very safe and it is very fun. Come to Ancient Rome now!
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