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Copy of Expectancy Theory

No description

Amanda Voisard

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Expectancy Theory

Expectancy Theory A Motivation Theory by
Victor Vroom Basic Premise:
To maximize pleasure
and minimize pain There is a positive correlation
between efforts and performance Favorable performance will
result in a desirable reward The reward will satisfy
an important need
The desire to satisfy the need is strong
enough to make the effort worthwhile Three Beliefs: Expectancy
Instrumentality Expectancy:
Will my effort result in completion of the task? Valence:
Do I believe that completing the task will
benefit me or leave me at a disadvantage? Instrumentality:
What is the probability that completing
the task will lead to a desired outcome? Type of skills needed for task
Availability of information
Past experiences

Postive Valence:
When a person wants to achieve the task Negative Valence:
The person prefers not to complete the task Probability at 1:
Completing task will lead to a desired outcome

Probability at 0:
Completing task will not lead to a desired outcome
Mathematical Relationship Valence x Expectancy x Instrumentality +Expectancy +Valence +Instrumentality Bibliography

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