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The Media System of the USA

No description

Nele Rissmann

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Media System of the USA

the average American spends about...
5 hours watching television
3 hours using the internet
1 hour listening to the radio
20 minutes reading the newspaper
15 minutes reading magazines

a day

(statista.com 2012) OUTLINE Introduction
The Audience
Newspapers & Magazines
The Internet
The Uniqueness of the Media System Reporters Without Borders 2011-2012 1 Finland

16 Germany

47 USA

179 Eritrea The Audience nearly every ethnic origin in the world
large Spanishspeaking community
Population (2013): over 317 million people
Literacy Rate (2003): 99 %
a massive amount of different media
Newspapers The 3 largest newspapers:

The Wall Street Journal
USA Today
The New York Times Nele Rißmann The Media System of the
United States of America have declined in their influence and penetration into American households

America's fastest-shrinking industry

Newspapers & Magazines face an uncertain future... Magazines leading news magazines:

TIME Magazine
U.S. News & World Report Television The Internet In 2012, 51 % of the population of North America had Internet access at home

leading broadband provider in the United States is SBC Communications (AT&T) with 14 million
subscribers in 2008

In 2008, the United States ranked 15th out of 30 countries in broadband penetration rates, behind
most other developed nations, including Germany, the UK, France, Denmark, and Canada (OECD 2008) “The United States has the most diversified media system in the world” (Demers & Murrow, 2001) What is unique about the System? “The United States has the most diversified media system in the world”

(Demers and Murrow, 2001)


The Audience

The U.S. as the World's Leading Media Exporter

Influence on World Media Cultures

Questions? AT&T (2009) Annual Report, (online), Available: www.att.com (01/01/2013). Clark, G. (1997) The United States Information Agency, (online), Available: http://usa.usembassy.de/etexts/factover/homepage.htm (01/01/2013).Cornell University Law School (1992) The first Amendment to the US Constitution, (online), Available: http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/first_amendment (01/01/2013). Demers, D. and Murrow, E.R. (2001) Media Concentration in the United States, Quebec: Centre d’études sur les médias, février 2001Federal Communications Commissions, (online), Available: http://transition.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Factsheets/factvchip.html (04/01/2013). Greenslade, R. (2012) Newspapers are America's fastest-shrinking industry, (online), Available: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/greenslade/2012/mar/14/us-press-publishing-downturn (04/01/2013). Internet World Stats (2012) Internet Users in the Americas. June 30,2012 – By Geographic Regions, (online), Available: http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats2.htm (05/01/2013).Kopytoff V.G (2011) The New York Times - America Land of Slow, (online), Available:http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/20/america-land-of-the-slow/?ref=technology (04/01/2013). Leichtman Research Group (2008) 5.4 Million Added Broadband from Top Cable and Telephone Companies in 2008, (online), Available: http://www.leichtmanresearch.com/press/030609release.html (03/01/2012). Mohney, D (2009) U.S. broadband adoption slows (again) in 2008; now more than 67M subs, (online), Available: http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/u-s-broadband-adoption-slows-again-2008-over-67m-total/2009-03-06 (03/01/2013). OECD – better policies for better lives (2012) Broadband and telecom, (online), Available: http://www.oecd.org/sti/broadbandandtelecom/oecdbroadbandportal.htm (03/01/2013). Statista (2013) Durchschnittliche tägliche Nutzungsdauer ausgewählter Medien in den USA von 2008 bis 2012 (in Minuten), (online), Available: http://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/169080/umfrage/taegliche-nutzung-von-medien-in-den-usa-seit-2008 (29/12/2012). US Diplomatic Mission to Germany - US State Department Publications (2010) The Media in the United States, (online), Available: http://usa.usembassy.de/media-freedom.htm (01/01/2013).Reporters Without Borders (2012) Press Freedom Index 2011-2012, (online), Available: http://en.rsf.org/press-freedom-index-2011-2012,1043.html (02/01/2013).The Alliance for Audited Media (2012) US Newspaper Search Result, (online), Available: http://abcas3.auditedmedia.com/ecirc/newstitlesearchus.asp (02/01/2013). The State of the News Media (2012) Newspapers: By the Numbers, (online), Available: http://stateofthemedia.org/2012/newspapers-building-digital-revenues-proves-painfully-slow/newspapers-by-the-numbers/ (02/01/2013). Weir, R. (2009) Press Reference - United States, (online), Available: http://www.pressreference.com/Sw-Ur/United-States.html (03/01/2013). Thank you for your attention! References (Council of Economic Advisor, 2012) television networks of the United States are the largest worldwide

99 % of Americans have at least one television
at home

decentralized, market-oriented television system

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) = national public broadcast service

five major networks: NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox,
and The CW

American television has had a very successful programming that has inspired television networks across the world Television Commercialization The Audience The United States as the World's Leading Media Exporter The Influence on World Media Cultures
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