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All about Khalsa school calgary!

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lakshpreet sumal

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of All about Khalsa school calgary!

Khalsa School Calgary is a school of where you learn about sikhs but everyone is allowed to go to khalsa school calgary.Khalsa School teacheras strive to teach the three pillars of Sikh values to the student. Naam Japo (meditation), which involves achieving and sustaining a positive outlook of our creator, through a balance between the mind, body and soul. Kirt Karo (honest living), which is defined as earning one’s livelihood through honest means and hard work. Vand Shako (sharing), which is to volunteer our time, knowledge and earnings to those in need.
ksc learning
I think that Khalsa School is a great school, the best school to me because I actully get to learn about my religion. in Khalsa School Calgary you get to learn about punjabi/gurmat,and kertaan {tabla and harmonium}, along with other core subjects, according to Alberta Education Curriculum.
In conlusion,I would like to say that khalsa school calgary is the best school ever! It teaches you all about Sikhsim which is great about Khalsa School Calgary! I hope you now know what Khalsa School is all about and how it is unique from the other schools!

thanks or watching my prezi
All About Khalsa School Calgary!
Hello everyone, today I will be talking
about Khalsa School Calgary.I will be telling
you what we do in Khalsa School Calgary. I
think Khalsa School Calgary is a great
school because I get to learn about my
own religion.
facts about ksc #1
Khalsa School Calgary was founded in 2007 by the Dashmesh Culture Centre to provide excellence in education while providing an environment rich in Sikh culture, values, beliefs, traditions and principles. The school opened on September 4, 2007 with fifty-six students in grades K-4, six certificated teachers and three other staff. Since its humble beginning the school has thrived and grown.
facts about ksc#2
By: ME!
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