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Top iPad apps for ESL teachers

This is a run down of my favorite and most useful apps as an English teacher.

Philip Rice

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Top iPad apps for ESL teachers

Be Creative Mock-Ups, Vocab, Comments,
MindMaps Presentations Prezi Viewer Cloudon Viewing Creating ScreenChomp Educreation http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=QEEwCfI Productivity /Sharing Evernote SkyDrive DropBox Slides, Tutorials, Cartoons, Lessons,
Audiovisual Test Keys,
Student Recordings,
Homework, Self-Correction Interaction Skitch Socrative StudyBlue Flashcardlet FlashCards
Real Time Response
Post Assignments
Grades Edmodo TeacherPal Drawing Be Productive Be interactive Ipad Apps: At Home and in the Field
By Phil Rice Why? What? How? Synergy -the potential ability of individual organizations or groups (or apps)to be more successful or productive as a result of a merger. Dictionary.com Be Memorable 10 apps you can use next week for class:

1. ShowMe
2. Skitch
3. Evernote
4. SkyDrive
5. MailVu
6. Socrative
7. Flashcardlet
8. DropMindLite
9. Toontastic
10.VoiceThread Why Do We Use the iPad? Portable,Functional, Smartphones, Applications, Teaching Multiplier. What Apps are the best for me and my students? How can I use these apps to make my teaching and my students' learning better? Be Resourceful Resources Dropmind WallpapersHD AppsGoneFree VoiceThread HD Photos,
New Apps,
Free Apps At home: Leverage Smartphones, MacBooks,Laptops and other iPads in conjunction with iPad. In the field: Leverage email, PC accessible programs, Smartphones, and sharing the iPad. My info:

Twitter: @philiprice
Facebook: ESL Commando

movietrailerenglish.blogspot.com Thanks a lot!
Ideas? AppStart The Key to Personalized, Unique "Apping" is Synergy! Apps are more powerful together than alone. Remember Voltron!
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