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No description

isai reyna

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of JOKER

The joker is my favorite villain because he doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything. He has many tricks up his sleve. he wears make up that cover ups his face and red make up that makes him smile,with green hair. he is a dangeurous. He is a killer and wants to kill the batman and nothing will get in his way.
favorite aspects
The joker is one of my favorite villians because he is always one step ahead. The joker has many tricks to kill and laughs every time hes about to die because he knows he not going to die. He kills anyone who gets in his way or doesnt do what he wants.

James Gordon
Dick Grayson
Jason Todd
The joker has no specific powers, but he is an evil mastermind. He hires strong people to do what he waant, to kill the batman, because the bat is he only one in his way of doing what the joker wants.
who made the character

Bill Finger
Bob Kane
Jerry Robison
the joker is part of DC
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