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Scientific Notation and uses in the modern day world

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Daniel Johnson

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Scientific Notation and uses in the modern day world

Scientific Notation and uses in the modern day world

Math Matriculation
By:Daniel Johnson
Scientific notation's History
Scientific notation was invented by a greek mathematician named Rene Descartes at about 1600. He also discovered an early form of momentum.
Scientific notation has been one of Greece's
many major achievements. With them being a
very mathematical people.
Scientific notation's Uses
Scientific notation is a very important math tool, used in today's society and for a lot more than people today think.

It is used by scientists to calculate Cell sizes, Star distances and masses, also to calculate distances of many different objects, bankers use it to find out how many bills they have.

Scientists use scientific notation for cell growth with microscopic sizes. Astronomers use it for star and planet distances. They also use it for planet masses.
How to do it
Scientific notation is a tool that is widely
excepted and used in so many ways.

First the exponent is put above the number and then multiplied by the exponent.

With decimals however mostly 0's are just added for example when you have a number greater than 10 its moved to the right.
Scientist's uses
There are a lot of many different ways to
use scientific notation in science. Biologists use it for cell growth and size. The cell's mass is vital for biologists.

Astronomers also use scientific notation for star and planet distances. They also use it for the mass of planets. Scientists cant use yardsticks to find star distances so they need scientific notation.

Architects use scientific notation to find buildings height, length, and width. Architecture is almost impossible without scientific notation. The early Romans used it for very famous buildings like the Colosseum. They had to use scientific notation for that as well. Also the pantheon where they had to use it for the dome of it. In modern day people use it for indoor decorating and building skyscrapers. Also to build bridges with lengths.
Scientific notation is a very useful way of
math. Their are so many possibilities for it in
today's society. Tons of jobs require this kind of math. Scientific notation is an important math tool used widely with the Greeks and Romans. Their is architecture, math, cells, biology, science, and astronomy. A lot of famous buildings have been made with scientific notation and there are so many things that could not be done without it.

What is it
Scientific notation is a math tool that is used for
many different math, science, biology, and architecture.

Scientific Notation is when you put an exponent over a number and you multiply. It's an easy way to do a lot of math in a short calculation.

It was invented in the 15Th century by a greek mathematician. It is a Greek invention used for many different areas.
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