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SCBI Infomercial

No description

Talina Hansen

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of SCBI Infomercial

Hire and retain the best by providing them the greatest opportunity.
Give back to the community through volunteering time,
money and resources.
Grow both in size and complexity. We are builders.
In 2014 SC Builders corporate donations totaled
in matching funds and contributions to local charities and organizations. These donations were all initiated by SC Builders team members.

We still have not achieved 100% participation!
SC Builders Infomercial - Monday, January 26, 2015
Welcome to 2015
A Word from Management...
Seek new industries and geographic locations.
Welcome to the new format for our periodic "infomercial."

Last year saw 99 jobs entered on our project log, worth approximately $154MM. T.I.s continue to be our bread-and-butter, but we also secured an out-of-the-ground project, for an established client. Currently we are on job number 16—only 26 days into the new year!

In addition, 2014 was our second consecutive
Zero Recordable Injuries
year, which is a tribute to EVERYONE's commitment to Safety. Let's make 2015 a "three-peat"!

Below are our Strategic Goals for 2015 as well as our 2020 goals that we established last year. We successfully hit many of our 2014 Goals, which is outstanding. Looking at the two sets of goals can be daunting, and that is what they are meant to be—they should force us to stretch and grow. That said, we want to always remain true to our strategy of growing Strong, Smart, Unique and Positive. That goal will not be compromised to achieve the stated strategic goals. We have something special here at SC Builders and we want to keep it special. As always, please ask questions—if you're thinking it, more than likely so are others.

Here is to a great 2015!

San Francisco

Our San Francisco Team is officially settled into its new office, complete with lobby chairs and all! We entered the new year with solid support from repeat clients like Humble Bundle and RealPage, as well as friends like Dennis “Bud” Kobza with Kobza and Associates (JATC Project)—all evidence of our commitment to building long-term relationships. We are working hard to secure new markets and develop new relationships.

Look how many great people came on board in 2014:

Mike Morelli -

Cesar Bermudez -
Project Engineer

Tara Dickson
- Front Desk Coordinator

Ray Romine
- Superintendent

Andrew Parsons
- Project Manager

Sean Ratekin
- Project Engineer

Matt Nichols
- Subtrade Accountant

Mario Coronado
- Contracts Administrator

Alisha Stringari -
MEO Accountant
Recent Promotions:
Katie Hunter
Project Manager

2015 Strategic Goals
One-Year Goals ~ by end of 2015:
• Revenue $200MM
• Retain Core Clients by exceeding their expectations
(Facebook, Sony, Google, Intuit, Motorola, Qualcomm,
Genomic Health)
• SF Regional Office
 Revenue $30MM
 Staffed by 10 employees
 Increase win ratio to 20% on Fee/GC proposals
• Full time Precon/Estimator is hired
• Technology Champions fully engaged and pushing the boundaries
• 920 Thompson Place Expansion completed
• 60 Employees (non-field)
• Secure a $100MM project
• Community Involvement – Two large events that SC Builders rallies behind (spring and fall)
John Stieber
Lana Khaimskaya
Assistant Corporate

Grow strong and grow smart by enhancing our resume in unique and positive ways.
We are committed to building long-term relationships.
Mission Statement
New Hires:
Liz Bandalan - 6/5/06
Jason McGinty - 8/1/4/06
Jessica Brasil - 2/20/08
George Mason - 8/4/08
Steve Stedman - 8/3/09
Anthony Lorenzo - 8/9/10
Nicole Hancock - 12/27/10
Chris Carcia - 3/26/01
Kirk Wagerman - 12/4/01
Todd Riddle - 5/3/04
Tyler Cox - 7/26/04
Todd Merrill - 2/14/05
Andrea Frizzell - 4/11/05
Steve Dunne - 10/10/05
Dave Rule - 11/18/99
Don LaHood - 4/19/00
Bill Burnette - 5/22/00
Charitable causes that SC Builders team members have championed this past year include:

• Turning Wheels for Kids

• Family Giving Tree
(Executive Elf Challenge)

• Sacred Heart Coat & Blanket Drive

• Red Cross Blood Drive

2020 Year-End Goals:
• +$500MM Company
• Established and profitable offices in SV, SF, SoCal
• Have performed several $100MM Projects
• Perform a project out of state
• Have 100+ non-field employees

Oracle Buildings 9 & 10
Company Meeting - Save the Date!

In 2014 we completed the final work on Sony Computer Entertainment projects in Los Angeles (SMS Studios and Motion Capture Studio) and Synopsys in Mountain View. We also secured work with several new clients including Yelp! and Oracle which will start in the next month.

Udemy (SF)
Immersion Corporation
Stem Cell Theranostics
Apple - Beats Consolidation
Binary Capital (SF)
Lazard Capital Markets (SF)
Daikin America
JATC (Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee)

New clients include:

We handed out a dozen "Attaboy" $100 rewards last year . . . Will you be next? Ask H.R. for details.
In case you missed it..

SC Builders has its own YouTube channel, where you can watch videos like this one.
<---To view, click play on the link to the left.

March 18th - Elks Lodge, Palo Alto
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