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Women in Film

No description

Austin Taylor

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of Women in Film

Leap Year
Back to the Future
Forrest Gump
City girl in the country, inept
Ends with Forrest taking care of her in marriage
Oedipus Complex
Saved from a man by another man; marries her savior
Forrest protects Jenny from herself; her own sexuality. She responds by making their relationship sexual in nature.
Young mother unable to resist male hero, even in incest
Rape scene: clothing choices and sexual intent make blame unclear
Sex with Forrest as some strange obligation. His craving for marriage justified as he would be a good husband, help her settle down.
White dresses mock purity
Punished for promiscuity with AIDs
Abuse makes Jenny damaged goods. Leads to unresolved problems, unsuccessful life (corruption; drugs, sex, hippie culture).
Saved from smoking and aloholism by her son
Mocked for materialism (embedded in her career)
Main character as control freak, must give up control (change herself) to find "true love."
Premise of Marty trying to convince his mom to be with his dad.
(and give up career)
"don't make plans with me"
Subject to constant verbal abuse
Unable to resist manly irish charms, cheating downplayed in favor of finding true love
Obligated to say yes to marriage proposal
Other repeated themes:
Inability to resist male hero
Must be saved, and reward this with commitment/sex
Want for marriage/obligation to be married
Place in traditional role leading to fulfillment
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