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Airworthiness outline

required instruments, documents, certificates, inspections for pilot and there aircraft

Chad Wilson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Airworthiness outline

Airworthiness VFR Night VFR Day IFR DAY IFR night Tachometer
oil pressure gauge (for each engine using that system)
manifold pressure gauge (for each altitude engine)
Temperature gauge (for each liquid cooled engine)
Oil temperature gauge (for each air cooled engine)
Fuel gauge (for each tank)
Landing gear position indicator
Airspeed indicator
Magnetic direction indicator
ELT ( inspect every 12 months)
Shoulder harness (if aircraft was manufactured after June, 15 1995 • IFR Day or night
 Two way radio communication and navigation
 Gyroscopic rate of turn indicator
 Slip and Skid indicator
 Sensitive altimeter
 Clock analog or digital HR,MIN,SEC (wrist watch CAN NOT us)
 Generator or alternator
 Gyroscopic pitch and bank indicator (Artificial horizon)
 Gyroscopic Direction Indicator (directional gyro or Equivalent) Fuses (one spare set of fuses, or three spare fuses for each kind) UND has circuit breakers

Landing light ( if for hire)

Alternate source of power or (anti-collision lights)

Position lights

Strobe lights or (source of alternate power) Instrument flight rules FAR 91.213 Visual Flight Rules MEL? Yes NO use MEL Minimum Equiptment list VFR Day Type Cert. Kinds of Operations List Airworthiness Directives 91.205 sec 2 Poh http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/continued_operation/ad/ FAA.Gov
Rules and Regulations
Airworthiness Directives PIC decision Required
Instruments 4 Parts of an MEL Remove Placard & Deactivate Equiptment list + W&B updated by Mx Must be repaired at next inspection preamble procedures document Letter of authorization Master MEL Required documents MEL
Airworthiness certificate
Registration (federal & State)
FCC radio Station License
Operating Limitations POH & Placards
Weight & Balance and Equipment list Airworthines Certificate Validity- visable to all passagers W/ correct N # on certificate
1.what makes it Valid?
annual, 100hr, phase
Airworthiness directives
PIC final authority
2. Is the airworthiness cert. transferable?
Yes, Sold
3. how long is it good for?
forever if inspections are kept up Federal Registration Certificate FAA requires all US aircraft owners to register
Correct number on Certificate
1. When could our aircraft Registration become invalid?
Sell aircraft
FAA must be notified
Must be carried onboard
Does not need to be displayed
UND does display Their Cert M
W State Registration Some states require owner to register
Each state has different requirements
ND does require it (Annually )
If ramp checked FAA it will generally not be examined
But state can fine owner
carried in dispatch book FCC Radio License Operations inside the US Radio License not required.
Required outside US.
owners name, address & tail number
must be carried if traveling in foreign airspace
Does not need to be displayed Operating Limitation Must carry FAA approved POH
all placards
N # (tail number) must be displayed & serial # on cover page
UND POH not official Because its not updated
What section of the POH is this found? Weight & balance/ Equipment list Current W&B sheet must be carried With BEW, Moment, and useful load
List of equiptment must be carried
Standard and Optional installed in the aircraft
Signed by Certified mechanic.
up to date equipment list
Where is W&B found in the POH? Aircraft Inspections 100 Hour inspection If for hire
Can we over fly it? yes for maintenance
Special flight permit (ferry permit)
if student rents it does not need an inspection
if instructor provides plane 100hr is needed. Annual inspection Every 12 Calendar months UND Inspections 3-4 phases= 1annual

1. Fuselage, Cabin, EmpennageEngine, Propeller, Wings, Landing Gear

2. Engine, PropellerCabin, Fuselage, Empennage, Wings, Landing Gear

3. Wings, Landing GearCabin, Fuselage, Empennage, Engine, Propeller

4. Engine, PropellerCabin, Fuselage, Empennage, Wings, Landing Gear Transponder 24 calendar months ELT every 12 calendar months
ELT battery 1 hr use/ 50% usfull life Pitot Static System every 36 months IFR VOR Every 30 days IFR type certification data sheet
where do we find it? class A,B,C why do we need to check it? require to operate in certain airspace what class of airspace? The Letter of Authorization is issued by the FAA and lists the “N numbers” of all aircraft authorized to operate under the MEL. The Procedures Document explains which equipment may be inoperative for flight and what procedures/actions must be taken before the aircraft can be flown. The Master Minimum Equipment List is created by the aircraft manufacturer and lists all equipment that may be inoperative for flight. The Preamble to the MMEL explains how the manufacturer created the MMEL. How do the 4 parts work together?
How could you get a MEL for your airplane? - The aircraft’s “N number” must appear on the LOA, and the FAA must approve the entire Procedures Document. The MEL (Procedures Document) + LOA = a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) An STC allows an aircraft to be flown after it has been modified Instruments Required for flight in VFR conditions during the day. Tomato Flames is the acronym used to define these instruments
12 instruments Q: What are VFR flight conditions? A: it depends on what type of airspace you are in.
Simple A: no flying in a cloud & see the ground
Complex A: maintaining certain distances from the cloud when in a certain airspace Q: what is the definition of day? A: FAR 1.1 to be continued...
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