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My life- Patito

No description

Silvia Patricia Cruz Serrano

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of My life- Patito

My life- Silvia Patricia Cruz Serrano
My name is Silvia Patricia, I was born in June, 11Th/1991. In San Juan Mesas, in the department La Libertad,
My family and I lived in a house near the river, with lots of fruit trees, like mangoes, guava and banana, I loved that house, because of the nature, We lived happy right there!
I did my basic school at San Juan Las Mesas` school, and I was a good stundent very responsible but kinda shy in those years.
Then I did my high school in San Pablo tacachico, My teachers and classmates called me: Miss Excuse, because they said that I always had a good excuse for everything.
Nowadays I`m studying my first year at Universidad Tecnologica of El Salvador, I`ve already made friends Bea, Xiomy, Hazel and Ody, they´re just as crazy as I am, and I love them. My classmates are just amazing, my teachers are incredible, especially the English one, he´s just incredible amazing, and all these amazing people is part of my life now, they´re part of my history too.
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