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Things Fall Apart pronunciations

No description

Shannon Walsh

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart pronunciations

Things Fall Apart Character Tree Okonkwo's wives &
close friends Ekwefi Ojiugo Obierika Obiageli Ikemefuna Ezinma Nwoye Okonkwo Unoka Meet the Characters Our Protagonist Okonkwa's father great man on the village; gave Okonkwa share cropping contract Oldest son Okonkwa's foster son Okonkwa's daughter Another one of Okonkwo's daughter Okonkwo's second wife & Ezinma's mother Okonkwo's third wife Okonkwo's best friend Oh-kawn-kwoh Ooh-no kah Nwakibie Nuh-kih-bee Okonkwa's children Nuh-woh-yeh Eh-Keh-meh-foo-nah Eh-zeen-mah Eh-kweh-fee Oh-jee-Ooh-go Okonkwo's first wife. Nwoye's mother is Okonkwo's first wife. She is unnamed throughout the novel. Oh-bee-air-ee-kah Now, let's see how we do with our pronunciations of major characters throughout our reading of Things Fall Apart! Oh-bee-ah-gey-lee Nkechi daughter of Ojiugo nn-kay-chee
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