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Career Shadowing

No description

Zach Schrader

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

NAPA Auto Parts Purpose of the company : "To get a return profit on investments while suppling Polk county with reliable auto parts" Where will the company be in 15 years? "it's hard to say because for all I know in 15 years the United States government might own my business." What employability skills are needed? Be on time . Don't steal from the boss . Average Salary & Education $637 / week High School deploma or experence Reflection piece: What Technology is used? Alot of inventory programs. Every time an item is bought it is recoreded, when the item's inventory runs low a computer automatically alerts the wearhouse to send more on the next shipment of goods. At any given moment Mr. read can pull up a program on his computer and see everything that has ben bought in any of his stores and exactly how much money each store has brought in for a given day. What skills are needed for this job? Well according to Mr. Read it's all about management, if you treat your employees good then they work hard in return. Would i pursue a career with this company? Yes, i absolutly would. Mr. Read is a great guy and it would be a pleasure to work for him. What did i like best about Mr. Read's job? I liked the fact that he is his own boss. What did i dislike about Mr. Read's job? I did not like how
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