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The Sugar Act-1733

No description

Austin Propp

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of The Sugar Act-1733

The Sugar Act-1733
Act that was passed by the King of Great Britain as a way of raising revenue.
The Stamp Act - 1756-1766
Passed by British Parliament, it put a tax on everything that was made of paper including Playing Cards.
The Townshend Acts-1767
A series of acts passed by Parliament named after Charles Townshend.
The Boston Massacre
March 5,1770
The day British red cats opened fire on a group of citizens.
The Tea Act-1773
The Tea act was put in place by British parliament putting a tax on tea.
Intolerable Acts
March 24, 1774
A term for acts passed by Parliament as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party.
The First Continental Congress meets
Sept. 5, 1774
As a retaliation for the Intolerable acts Congress has its first meeting.
Shots Fired in Lexington and Concord
April 19, 1775
Nobody knows who fired the first shot. Started when a group of 700 red coats went to confiscate rebel weapons.
Road to the Revolution
Meeting of the second Continental Congress
Oct. 26, 1774
Managed the war effort and sped up the proses of Independence.
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