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Medieval Times~ Royal Life

No description

McKenzie Lynch

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Times~ Royal Life

Medieval Entertainment

Royal life in the Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, there
were many people in many social classes. While there were many social classes in the Medieval times, Royals were among the most interesting.
Question #1:
What was common entertainment for Royals?
There were many types of entertainment for Royals in the Middle ages. One example is a Jester. A Jester is a person who dresses in a colorful costume and performs entertaining activities. Another type of entertainment was feasts. Here, many foods were cooked for the royal family and several guests. Conversations provided many hours of entertainment.
More Types
of Medieval Entertainment
In the Medieval Ages, entertainment was common among royals. There were many types of entertainment. Here’s an insight on what some of the common entertainment was for Medieval Royals.
Medieval Entertainment
There were many types of entertainment in the middle ages. Here are some more types of entertainment for royals:
~Mummers, who were dancers

Question #2:

What kind of food was served at feasts and
elegant dinners for Royals?
Many drinks were served at feats and elegant dinners. For example, some of the elegant and special drinks they drank were beer, fine wine, ale, tea, milk,cider and juices.
While many drinks were served at feasts
there were also many foods served. For example, some foods served were; deer, rabbit, fruits, and creams to go with the meats and fruits.

To top off the meal, many elegant desserts were served. For example, a dessert served at these dinners were jellies. Many colored jellies covered the table, all of them shaped in elegant designs.
Medieval Foods
Question #3:

What did Ladies, Lords, and Knights wear?

Ladies had many outfits and styles. For example, the most popular style among royal ladies were long, colorful, linen gowns made to impress. Ladies also wore closed shoes and sometimes a long cloak and an ermine scarf.
Knights and Lords also had many fads and fashions. For example, one of the most popular styles among men were colorful linen tunics and rope belts. Many Knights and Lords also wore capes. Also, stockings and shoes were included in their wardrobe.
Knights and Lords
Question #4:

What was a typical royal manor/house like?
Medieval manors and houses for royals also had many other elegant features and designs. There was also a lot of space on the royals lot. For example, they also had almost 1800 more acres of land besides the house. Plus, all royal manors and mansions were built with durable stone to withstand harsh weather.
Medieval Manors and Houses
Question #5:
Medieval manors and houses had many wonderful features and designs. For example, many manors had large elegant kitchens and ballrooms. Closets were located throughout the house.There were also many bedrooms, including bedrooms for the servants.

Medieval Manor and House

What was daily life like for Ladies, Lords, and Knights?
Royal Lords and Knights:
Men did many things in their daily lives. Some of those things are hunting, and praying constantly just like woman and children. Daily Life for royal men and women was very easy going. Servants did their work and housekeeping for them while royals relaxed and did whatever they desired.
Medieval Knights and Lords

Ladies did many things in their elegant lives. Some of the things they did were sewing and hosting magnificent balls and feasts. Ladies also cared for their children, yet servants also took care of the children most of the time.
Royal Ladies
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