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The Spinning Mule

No description

Max & Ruby F.

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of The Spinning Mule

The spinning mule was built by Samuel Crompton, in the year 1779.
He made it in Lancashire, England
How it works
It works like a regular spinning wheel.
It spools 1,000 threads and yarns with one person.
And its a mix between the Spinning Jenny, and the Flying Shuttle
Improvement on Earth
It improved earth by helping one person spin many threads.
So you do not have to pay someone to make and spool your thread
you can do many more with one person.
More Improvement
It also helps the world by having one person do loads of spinning at a time.
They still had child labor and they had people working, but they did it so much faster because of how many spools it makes with one machine.
The Spinning Mule

By: Alena F.
Samuel Crompton
You don't need to spin a spool
when you get the spinning mule!
Waring: may cause death or a loss of limbs must be 5 or older to use... Must be 18 or older to order.
The End!
The Spinning Mule.
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