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The Oregon Trail

Prezi about the Oregon Trail

Patrick Tines

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail Manifest Destiny- belief by 19th century Americans that the country was "destined" to span from coast to coast. Oregon Country was claimed by four
countries in the early 1800's Russia Spain Great Britain And the United States Adams-Onis Treaty- Spain gives up its claim to Oregon Russia would later give up its claim as well. Joint occupation between the United States and Britain ensued, with both sides staking claims to the lands that contained lucrative furs and access to ports on the Pacific Ocean. Mountain men such as Jim Bridger, Jedediah Smith, Joe Walker, and Kit Carson blazed trails and would later lead the "Great Migration" to the Oregon Country. Jim Bridger Jedediah Smith "Old" Joe Walker Kit Carson The Oregon Trail Massive Emigration to Oregon Country would eventually solidify the American claim to Oregon Country, as settlers made the long and dangerous journey in hopes of discovering fertile lands, gold, or other opportunities. However, the journey was not easy. James K. Polk was elected president in the election of 1844, largely on the promise that the United States would achieve their destiny by annexing Oregon Country and Texas. Polk eventually compromised with Great Britain, and agreed that the United States would own Oregon Country below the 49th Parallel.
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