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Rococo? What is it? Is it interesting? Take a look-see.

Ashana Harker

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Rococo

Rococo tHE pLAYERS: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Antoine Watteau Jean-Honore Fragonard Charles Joseph Natoire Sir Joshua Reynolds Andrea Appiani The Gathering of Manna
- Giovanni Battista Tiepolo > means "stone" in French. The Swing by Jean
-Honore Fragonard Madame Hamelin Detail
-Andrea Appiani Cupid
-Sir Joshua Reynolds Venus Demanding Arms from Vulcan for Aeneas
Charles Joseph Natoire Ceres (Summer)
- Antoine Watteau > Also know as "Late Baroque" > originated as decorative arts > used delicate colors > Portraits and myths were common themes > tend to drift away from the catholic ideals Atoine Watteau : Sir John Reynolds ^ Andrea Appiani ^ Honore Fragonard ^ Giovanni Battista Tiepolo ^ Charles Joseph Natoire : > French > pupil of François Lemoyne > Father, Florent Natoire, was a sculptor and taught him the
fundamentals of drawing Self Portrait Self Portrait
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