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the great wide sea

No description

Caleigh Anderson

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of the great wide sea

By: Caleigh Anderson The Great Wide Sea
By: M.H. Herlong Plot Setting Major Characters Theme Minor Characters Mood Recommendations When 15-year-old Ben’s father announces that he is selling their home and their family will spend the next year sailing in the Bahamas, Ben is not happy. Still reeling from their mother’s death, Ben and his two younger brothers are reluctant to leave the home where all their memories of her still remain, but their Dad’s decision is not up for discussion. Sailing from Florida, they spend every day together in very close quarters. With no chance for privacy or escape, Ben’s dislike for his father seems to mount daily. The father rules with a heavy hand on board and Ben becomes less and less cooperative. Their story comes to a climax when their father’s disappearance and a violent storm coincide. Circumstances force Ben to take the helm and make sure that he and his brothers survive
most of the book takes place on a ship that eventually gets wreaked in the Bahamas. Ben: Heis fifteen and constantly has struggles with
his father. when his father goes missing he is left to
help the rest of the family to survive.
Mom: is dead. she is kind of the driving force of the fathers wrath that is placed onto the kids. Bad relationships that causes a son to go against his Dad and secondly, the brothers tend to be against nature I would recommend this book. This book is a read that you never want to put down. It does have violence in it between a father and son. Dylan: Dylan is the second oldest and is the middle child.
Gerry: Gary is the youngest at five years of age. Gary also is afraid to swim but his father holds his head under water to teach him to swim. Father: throughout the book he is just called father.
he is not dealing well with the death of his wife which results in violence towards the boys.
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