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Trends And Factors Affecting The Travel And Tourism Sector

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Lauren Lee-Bevan

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Trends And Factors Affecting The Travel And Tourism Sector

Trends And Factors Affecting The Travel And Tourism Sector
Lauren Lee-Bevan
People can book flights without going to a travel agents as they have more flexible booking on the internet and can look up holiday destinations before booking online. Expensive cruises are still booked through a travel agents incase something goes wrong because they have legislation. Booking is more flexible now and customers can choose the cheapest price. As a result Expedia is a website that was set up where seperate holidays can be booked, for example someone could have a flight through EasyJet, a Thomas Cook hotel, and a taxi with a local transport company, they get more choice. It is affecting the travel and tourism sector as less people are booking through a travel agents and more people are booking online. 80% of bookings are now done online.
Flexibility Of Booking
People can book holidays themselves online, they can find value for money. However the package holiday market sometimes offers convinence and cheaper packages so they won't dissapear completly.
More Independent Travellers
Opportunity For Adventure
People have different definitions of adventure for example some people like bird watching and cultural activities, and some people like extreme sports and risk-taking. So as a result organisations set up adventure holidays such as Explore and Regaldive - holidays that just focus on adventure.
Natural Disasters
Trends And Factors
"Factor - circumstance, fact or influence that contributes to a result."
"Trend - a general direction in which something is developing or changing."
Hurricanes and earthquakes affect the tourism industry and impact the destination as there is a decline in tourism. For example the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 caused devastation of the area and industry. Restaurants were also shut down by devastation. "One quarter of small and medium sized businesses hit by a storm do not re-open after a major storm." - Mielach, 2013. The impacts of a natural disaster are Thomson have to lose routes and not let passengers travel to destinations and as a result Thomson hotels in the destination shut down.
Epidemics and Pandemics
Epidemic - An outbreak of a disease.
Pandemic - Infectious disease spreads to a large region, continent, or worldwide. For example in 2013 the World Health Organisation declared ebola in Guinea and it spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. This impacted the countries economy and the tourism destinations.
Terrorism impacts destinations as on 9/11 there was a decline in American tourists. The long term impact meant that there were more security in airports and only certain amounts of liquid allowed on planes. Another example is the explosions in Egypt, Bali and Majorca. The threats of terrorist attacks and more incidents means tighter security and more difficulty for passengers to travel freely.
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