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Women Brown Berets

Then and Now

jose nunez

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Women Brown Berets

Women Brown Berets
Jose Nunez, Jesus Hernandez & Alan Meyer

The Brown Berets are Chicano nationalist, political extremist, and Mexican American group that emerged during the Chicano Movement in the late 1960s and remains active to the present.
The Brown Berets focus on community organizing against police brutality and advocate for educational equality.
The group was seen as part of the Third Movement for Liberation.

The first Brown Beret unit is organized in East Los Angeles, Ca in December 1967
Where & When did the Brown Berets first organized and what was their purposed?

We fight for an educational system that does not railroad our children into failure, but teaches our children honor, self-respect, respectable vocations, Chicano studies, and challenges our children to reach their full educational potential. If this cannot be accomplished through peaceful negotiations than walkouts and protests must be staged
Example: In November 1968, the first school walkouts were organized in San Diego, California as well as other
cities throughout Aztlan by Brown Beret students and supporters
We fight for equality for our Raza and acceptance of our culture
In May 1969,The Brown Berets celebrated the first Cinco de Mayo in San Diego city at Mar Vista High School.
We fight for the freedom to worship God in spirit and in truth
We fight for the economic freedom and prosperity of our people. Our people work hard and should be paid well for their labor.
In May 1969, The Brown Berets opened the first Chicano Free Health Clinic in East Los Angeles
We fight for a political system free from corruption. We fight for the formation of a political party that represents Chicanos, our values, and our interests
In April 22, 1970 The San Diego Brown Berets occupy the land that was to be a California Highway Patrol station in Logan Heights under the Coronado Bridge, forming Chicano Park, which has now become a symbol of Chicano pride and power that is famous around the world.
Citlalmina Xochitlquetzalli
is a National Representative
in Arizona. Since joining she
has served her native state of
Arizona with much pride
and love. She has proven
herself over and over again
and has gained the respect of
Berets nationwide
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