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journal of life

No description

revan habib

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of journal of life

June Neapathyn
Christine Dexter
Roles/ Values
Christine has many roles right now, a wife, a mother, and an educator.
Her family helped her be a better person.
She has learned patience, understanding, true love and compassion.
Christine values her family the most. Her husband and kids are her life.

Moving forward or Moving backward
To me moving forward is to become a mature person and understanding what is right from wrong. Honesty, kindness, respect and responsibility, all makes me move forward.

Moving backward is when I do something against my plan for my life. Like skipping school and be disrespectful.

Roles / Obstacles
One way to prepare me to take different roles in future are by focusing how my parents work with these roles.
Obstacles that I might experience in my new roles are how to deal and act with them which I can refer to my parents who have dealt with in the past.
Journey of Life
Who is June Neapathyn?
She was born in October 2nd,1949.
June lived in Tisdale, SK, Canada.
She went to residential school ,where she got hit everyday.
June's childhood life
There were 23 of them in the family.
June lived in a two story house on the reserve.
Her dad took care of them.
June's job in her childhood was to feed the animals and milked the cows.
June went to residential school for 9 years, eight years in Wiscdvin and one year in Leavet.
In 35 years old she decided to go to university to get her teacher degree.
She didn't have any obstacles to afford post-secondary schooling because her schooling was paid by the government.
June taught for 30 years in three schools:
June's family/Big decisions/
Religious beliefs

June married and had 7 children.
one boy
six girls
A big decision that she had to take was to raise her children by herself because her and her husband broke up and their father didn't want the kids.
June believes in the first nation culture.
In the residential school they tried to make her believe in Catholicism.
Values and Success
June values her children and her religion .
Her definition of success was that every person can be successful in life, if they try hard.
June's greatest success was to finish her education and kept her family together.
Christine Dexter (Mac Neill)

Christine was born in January 26, 1985 in Regina,SK
In her life journey she lived in:
In her family, Christine was the oldest, she had:
2 sisters= one 8 years younger and the
other 12 years younger.
1 brother= 10 years younger than Christine.
Christine went to Holy Cross High School.
She played on the volleyball team for 2 years.
Christine enjoyed high
school an
d she had many great friends.
After graduating
from high school, Christine went to
sey SIAST and got her education assistant certificate in 2000.
Christine work as EA at ED Feehan high school.In her job she helps out all the English learners.
Christine dream is to buy a house somewhere hot like Mexico or Dominican because she is tired of winters.
Christine has not achieved her dreams yet, maybe when she retires…which is a longtime from now.
Some of her obstacles are:

Never give up!

Be determined!
My life
My path/ Dreams
My path is to graduate for high school and go to post-secondary schooling.

Some of my dreams are:
To make my parents pound of me.
Traveling around the world.
The End
I learned from June Neapathyn how difficult life could be, how excited and fun life could be.

I learned from Christine Dexter(Mac Neill) to not give up in life.
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