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What will happen

No description

Mahara Falif

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of What will happen

Introduction to cocaine
Cocaine is a powerful, addictive stimulant drug which is made from the leaves of the coca plant. This drug was originally produced in South America in what is now Peru and Bolivia. The natives used to chew the coca leaves to give them energy which helped them work in high altitudes with little food.
What are the short term effects of cocaine?
Cocaine can cause an increase in energy, alertness and euphoria. Cocaine can also increase heart rate and body and blood temperatures. The drug can also cause agitation, paranoia, suppressed appetite, muscle spasms, strokes, fainting and overdose. Overdose can lead to seizures, heart failure and respiratory suppression.
What are the long term effects of cocaine?
The long term effects of cocaine include: Sleep disturbance, weight loss, tolerance, depression, cardiovascular problems, nasal damage (through snorting), throat and bronchial damage (through smoking), headaches, hallucinations, seizures and attention and memory loss.
What are some different names for cocaine?
Some street names for cocaine:

-Coke -Foo-foo dust
-Blow -Rock
-Snow -Crack

All these names are inspired by the appearance and feel, when you are taking the drug.
Babies who are born to addicted mothers are born addicted to cocaine and must go through a very painful withdrawal where they shake, jerk and cry from the pain. They are often born premature and grow and develop slowly. Many die in their sleep before their first birthday.
Interesting Fact:
How is cocaine used?
Cocaine visually has two different forms and is used differently depending on its form.
The white powder is a hydrochloride salt that is made from the leaf of the coca plant. This powder is used for snorting and injecting. This method results in less of a high, but it lasts relatively long.
The other form is a crystal which is used for smoking. This form is stronger than the white powder, resulting in a bigger high. However, it's effects do not last long.
What is the canadian law concerning the substance?
There are a series of complications with cocaine and the law. By have possession of cocaine, you could be sent to jail for seven years. Making or distributing cocaine can lead to a life time of imprisonment.
What does cocaine look like?
Current Event Regarding Cocaine
On September 27th 2013, police arrested two people from London Ontario who seized 24 grams of crack cocaine worth $2,400 and 84 grams of cocaine worth $8,400.
Fun Facts
Cocaine was invented in 1855 and was used as a medicine and pleasure drug. In 1884, Sigmund Freud wrote about the effects of cocaine on himself and found that the only safe use of cocaine was as a painkiller. In 1885, Coca-Cola was made using a small amount of cocaine. It was called The Health Drink.
Before and after pictures of cocaine users
The most common form of cocaine
Injecting and skin
1 gram
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