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Ray's Portfolio of Work

A selection of marketing and communications ideas and materials.

ray hasto

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Ray's Portfolio of Work

Designer | Art Director | Marketer
Ray Hasto
So Ray,
tell us a little about yourself
working between the lines
without using the words
God-help-me, if you go anywhere NEAR
"out of the box"
"innovative" or
I'm leaving right now!
I'm great with people and
can work with almost anyone.
A Graphic Designer, Art Director and all-around
Ad-Guy, Visual development is in my wheelhouse, but
making things work better
is my passion.
I believe that when learning about a new client or concept:
You Should Question Everything.
don't have a paying
project for me, I'm not worried, because I'm already approaching someone else with an idea to
increase our mutual profits.
I believe

intentions matter,

results are the measure

use when deciding to recommend
you or hire you again.
Print Advertising
Sunday Sundae Coupon Insert.
Using and retouching old, damaged images, I brought fresh life to this client's old style
of producing advertising.
Trade Publication Advertising
This client produces industrial battery chargers for lifts and tow-motors. A large number of potential distributors were added to the contact pool by offering this limited edition print.
The One That Got Away
Auto Dealer Ad.
Its rare that you get the chance for Auto-dealer Advertising that's anything but a catalog page - BORING!

Your Rocket is Ready!

Hey, if you're selling Corvettes,
I think you should talk to your audience. Sure they're interested in the price. What they're NOT interested in is comparing their new "rocket" to a used Taurus.
hard finish, which is its hallmark.

As you might guess, the audience is VERY male.

So, to spin this looming negative,
the concept I proposed is a bunch of tongue-in-cheek, guy-version-Dear-Abbey letters. These letters would show how buffing Collinite not only improved their vehicles but became
a workout and turned the customer's
life around.
Silly? - Yes. Sexist? - Terribly.

But I believe it would have been quite effective as well.

"Its SUPPOSED to be hard. BUFF".
Lapp Insulators Product Promotion
Characterizing electrical insulators to show why the client's product is superior, was an interesting project. The "shares" and "views" increased steadily, which is exactly what we were after. Video production was limited to animated "parts". Our narrator (Professor Powers) was more fun off the mic, than on. There are some things you just can't put into a final piece...
Lapp Insulators Product Promotion.
The Debut of Professor Powers
in "Shattered".
A Super-Partnership
This intro was done in flash with nothing but still images and was a fun way to show the collaboration of two charitable groups in the Rochester, New York area, for a common cause. Near the end of the video, the two presidents are inserted just for fun. This was very well received.
Website for Boyscout
Seneca Waterways Council
I've been a member on the committee since 2010. This involves web design, working with over a dozen other committee members and coordinating a lot of activity. I designed the website and the "Toss your Boss" logo (used for corporate challenges). Never having rappelled before, I have to say that there's nothing like standing on a ledge and backing off a 300+ foot sheer drop! http://www.21storiesforscouts.org
Kodak Spin Off
This project required design, Art and Video Direction, Coordination, Client and Vendor negotiation and delivery on a tight timeline.

Items included email invite, print collateral, photography and video.
Direct Mail
Fee Brothers
As of the first date of this portfolio, this website is not yet live. But the change was so radical that I wanted to show this off. For the original, go to http://www.feebrothers.com/Page.asp?Script=2

This client is a blast to work with.
Be A Healthy Hero Blog Site
Web site design, client interface, vendor direction. Working with this client involves nearly every area of my services as well, including print, transit displays, producing premium-items and managing their warehousing and fulfillment process when those are ordered.
Now, doesn't that sound like someone you'd want to hire, anyway?
Preferred Care Direct Mail
This targeted direct mail campaign pulled over 8% and was a big hit. Package is set up so recipient must schedule a meeting with the Sales Rep in order to redeem the "chips", which are "coupons" to local restaurants. Required not only concept and visual development to client but sourcing premiums and contact and pitch of the idea to restauranteurs.
Concrete Illustration
Timed eBlasts
This project required design, art creation and manipulation of files for timed releases and offers
to regional distributors.
Mail Chimp
Client wanted to use a newsletter tool which fits with his work flow (Mac and Google). Mail chimp is the way to go. This involves a continuing relationship for advertising and promotion
as well as formatting & broadcasting newsletters when the client is in need
of help.
Preferred Care Direct Mail
A more traditional print-direct mail package.
American Lung Association Direct Mail
With the target of approaching school-age kids and their parents, Illustration was used to hurdle race and gender differences. Recipients were requested to sign up and receive premiums for "taking the pledge".
Goulds Pumps
36" x 24" In-Store Poster for dealers.
Photonics Brochure
concepted and worked with an illustrator for the front cover. I worked with a team and layed out the interior.
Knowlton Technologies
Trade show Hand out
The client was attending an aeronautics show and their feature product is a material used in bulkheads, specifically for its sound-dampening feature.
We physically attached a set of ear plugs to each.

Dimensions are 6" x 12" in order to stick out from the other, more standard-sized literature which is often gathered at a trade show.
This client designs and manufactures european-style masonry heaters. They are remarkably efficient and visually beautiful.
A charity event sponsored by Fee Brothers. The logo type is broken with shapes of bartending "tools of the trade".
Restaurant logo.
Abbotts Frozen Custard
Concept and designs for both a product logo and an event-cart.
In-Store Ceiling-Dangler
Shrine Circus:
Poster and Bus Tail
Lapp: Product Promo
This product, manufactured in Germany and sold in American markets, is blue.
This is quite unusual for the industry and the client's engineers and distributors were concerned that this might be an issue. I chose to turn this into the point
of differentiation. Project included logo design, concept for theme, production
photography and print
management. The
small image is the
presented concept.
Image at left is the
final version.
Dreams Come True Productions:
DVD & Case designs
Goulds Pumps: Premium Give away
Series of Illustrations
Produced in Adobe Illustrator, this series is a collaborarative work with a photographer & video-guru, Steve DelMonte. Our goal is
to turn these
into a series of
for classic
car shows.
Concrete Illustrated
Outside work hours
Urban rappelling
fund-raiser for Boy Scouts (309 ft. to terafirma)

Pencil drawing hanging in a show through RIT.

Logo design for
lapel-pin to commemorate Rochester Rotary's first century of service.
Production video (left), starts with images of the plane and the proposed layout.

Sean, my "Partner in Grime", and I employing dies formulated for use on concrete, final illustration is 8 feet in diameter on an exterior patio.
We all have them and this is one of mine. Collinite is a small producer of premium vehicle wax. Product application requires buffing to produce the
Comments are welcomed

Ray Hasto
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