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Tina Panda

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of BTS

What is BTS
BTS also stands for Bangtan Boys. They are world famous for their music. They are also a South Korean boy band group from "Big Hits Entertainment".

BTS Fanclub's name is A.R.M.Y.
A.R.M.Y means Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. A.R.M.Y has a fan cafe website called

Previously released
BTS is made up of 7 members
Rap Monster : Leader, Rapper (20)
Jin: Vocal, Visual (23)
SUGA: Rapper (22)
V: Vocal (20)
Jungkook: Vocal, Dancer, Rapper, Maknae (18)
Jimin: Vocal, Main Dancer (20)
J-hope: Rapper, Dancer (21)
By: Tina Panda
BTS' Fanclub is called A.R.M.Y because since the Armor

and the Military are always together, it shows that fans are always with BTS.

On the 25th of June 2015 BTS will be releasing their 3rd mini album, "Sick".
Also, BTS is coming to MELBOURNE on July the 12th. BTS' concert is called " EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET". All tickets were sold within a month!

They debuted on June 12th 2013 with an album called "2 Cool 4 Skool". The main song in the album is called " NO MORE DREAM". BTS is well known for their music and have won many awards such as the Golden Disk Award Album Division.
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