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B&A Network Conference

Supporting the role of the Cover Supervisor

M. I.

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of B&A Network Conference

175.5 + 423 = Think September - October '09 This year during September and October Time 598.5 * that excludes Cover Supervisors' salaries Last academic year our cover bill came up to Classes Data On our students Money Lessons taken by someone other than the teacher in first Half Term '09/10 How to minimise the negative impact 12 students (all Y10&Y11) had 10 and more lessons covered 216 lessons covered between 1st and 15th December Between 1st and 15th December 09 17 classes had 3 lessons covered IH - 45 lessons
HN - 41 lessons
KY - 29 lessons 27th November - About 9 year 10 students had 4 covered lessons in one day £32 882* 12% Impact Attainment
Well being £ 11 847* Data available since 1st December '09 Past three months... 980 out of 7100 What can we do? as a school in departments individually To minimise that impact Know and Value The provision Cover supervisor's job description CS cannot Teach
Plan work
Mark work
Assess work
Set work (unless HLTA/QTS)
Cover practical (unless they have apropriate qualification and training as specified by headteacher) Supervise work that have been set by teacher in accordance with the school policy Manage Behaviour of pupils whilst they are undertaking the work ensuring a constructive working environment Respond to any questions about process and procedures Reporting back on behaviour and any issues arising Follow procedures Planned absence Unplanned absence What is good practice? your department knows you are out Cover pro-forma is in cover tray
(one for each lesson)
evening before or early in the morning ...after you have done all paperwork* *How do you know that your absence has been recorded in the diary? Your leave of absence will be signed by Cover Co-ordinator What is good practice? Ring /text Marcel ASAP - evening or early morning Tell Who you are... Why are you not in.. How are you going to send the work? Ideally you e-mail the work to But you can
Dictate on the phone
Leave a message with school reception
Send it by someone easily made assumptions: It will be *** who takes the lesson... Kids know, what they are doing... I will make it easy for someone, I will give them some silent book work becouse you know what you are talking about does not mean someone else does... Leave of Absence Proforma Personal
Must have signatures of
Head teacher
Cover Co-ordinator
Must have signatures of
Line Manager
Head teacher
Cover Co-ordiantor Can text 24/7
Ring from 6.30am till 9.30pm The only way to leave the Cover Work Ask for feedback Be Precise - if you want something done say it MUST be done Cannot change the content of the work, but can adapt how it is delivered... Our Cover Supervisors Expert in historical costumes and embroidery with experience within D&T deparment (City&Guilds), currently studying at Open Uni.
Links with D&T, English and Art Experienced as Science/Drama/D&T technician and a Home tutor working with lower abilities students, speaking French, currently studying science at Open uni and working towards HLTA in food technology
Links with Science, Drama and MFL Experienced qualified History and RS teacher with sound Maths and ICT knowledge. PGA(Warwick) in AfL
Links with Maths, Humanities and ICT In comparison to other schools very stable and commited team Paula Roz Marcel Don't assume Within departments what training can we provide to CS to help us ensure progress? How can we use our linked Cover Supervisor as a resource? Provide trainig
& Resources What resources the cover team needs? Be proactive IT department -
2 teachers and both off all day
2 supply teachers to run department Presume possible problem - have SLT on walk around [know your classes and your staff] 27th November - About 9 year 10 students had 4 covered lessons in one day Think who is your audience make it idiot proof cover supervisor who has probably less than 15 minutes to prepare for five lessons and sometimes has no clue about the subject area.... OR Supply teacher who just got here and does not know your name - you, your students, classroom or maybe a school layout and has too 15 mins till the bell... What is a good cover work? What will have to change in our Approach
Policy ? What is good cover work? What would be good practice? Have a bank of work relevant to actual topic you cover in your scheme of work Have departmental policy on how to set the work
who is responsible
emergency contact Monitor the quality of work set (part of dep monitoring plan) monitoring is part of departmental responsibility to ensure the standars remain high and students are making progress recipe for DISASTER
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