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Static and Dynamic Characters

No description

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Static and Dynamic Characters

Static and Dynamic Characters
Let's Review...
Static Character
(2) The Beast
(1) Aladdin
(3) Mr. Waternoose
Let's look at one final example: Mr. Waternoose from
Monsters, Inc.
This character owns a major company in the monster world: Monsters, Inc., which generates the energy on which the city of Monstropolis runs. However, the company has hit an all-time low, and Waternoose is desperate to keep it afloat.
Hold on to your answers!
We'll talk about them in Direct.
Can you spot the static characters amongst the dynamic?
DOES NOT undergo any kind of INTERNAL change (in values, opinions, or morals) throughout the story.
The Lion King
. He is power-hungry and desperate to be king at the BEGINNING of the movie, and at the end, he will STILL say or do ANYTHING to be king.
, on the other hand, DOES change INTERNALLY by the end. At the end of the story, his/her values, opinions, or morals are different from at the beginning.
Ebenezer Scrooge

is a PERFECT example of this. At the beginning of the story, he is greedy and coldhearted. By the end, he is generous and compassionate.
Dynamic characters always undergo an INTERNAL change. OUTWARD change (such as bigger biceps or darker hair) is NOT sufficient evidence that a character is DYNAMIC.
Let's see how well you can recognize a
character when you see one!
In the following slides, you'll find examples of characters from popular movies along with a few scenes they're in. Decide whether each one is STATIC or DYNAMIC and mark your answer in your notes!
Now, watch this scene from a the MIDDLE of the story...
This transition is a little tougher, because this scene is from the MIDDLE of the movie, not the end. Nonetheless, has his temper changed? Has his anger grown any more controlled? (HINT: watch what happens the SECOND time Belle tries to clean the wound).
Now, watch this scene from the end...
Now, watch this scene from the end of the story. Aladdin has one more chance to be honest or to wish himself back into being a prince. Has he changed his opinion about lying about oneself? (Note: you can stop the video after about 30 seconds)
Is he static or dynamic? Mark your answer in your notes!
Is Aladdin
? Write your answer in your notes!
How about the Beast from Disney's
Beauty and the Beast

At the beginning of the story, the Beast is short-tempered and entitled; whenever things don't go his way, he is ready to yell and roar until they do.
Now, observe him at the END...
At the end of the film, we re-encounter Waternoose in this scene. Have his feelings toward his company changed? Is he still willing to do
to keep it afloat?
Is he static or dynamic? Mark your answer in your notes!
Let's start with Aladdin. At the start of his story, Aladdin is an unknown street rat, but with the help of a magical genie, he convinces an entire city, including the lovely Princess Jasmine, that he is a prince.

Watch this scene from
; in it, Aladdin has the opportunity to come clean about his true identity. What is his decision?
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